Not quite resolutions, but things I want

I don’t want to make resolutions per se, but the neurotic side of me does want to see a list of things I want to do because once I write or type it out there is a higher likelihood that I will remember them. I just hope I remember to check back here in a few months to see if I have accomplished these things. Without further adieu:

I want to:
[ ] Take more pictures1
[ ] Tweet less2
[ ] Get my head-shots done3
[ ] Stay home at least three nights a week
[ ] Take better care of myself4
[ ] Watch more movies
[ ] Be more active, physically5. Ideally, have a more defined stomach area.
[ ] Spend more time with a certain someone.
[ ] Volunteer more6

I’m sure there is something I have forgotten here, but chances are if I have forgotten to list it it wasn’t that important to begin with. I am saying they’re not resolutions because these are things I have been wanting for a little while and things that I have been working to achieve already… and so I ask you:

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions? Feel free to share them with me!

  1. with my actual camera and not just with my iPhone[]
  2. don’t ask[]
  3. preferably for “free” or TF[]
  4. manicures, pedicures, eat healthy, yoga, etc[]
  5. and no sex doesn’t count[]
  6. preferably something to do with kids[]

responses to “Not quite resolutions, but things I want” 3

  1. looks like a good list (: good luck with them all! this year, i’m trying something new where i DON’T make resolutions lol! 22 days belated but happy new year, nonetheless.

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  3. I clicked in the hope that there was something that I could help with, but it looks like I won’t be of any assistance here 🙂

    Good luck with it all!!!


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