Note to self: Don’t attempt web stuff whilst drunk

I’ve broken my RSS feeds. So I apologise to anyone who is subscribed – though I’m not sure you’ll even get this if you only read my site through the feeds. I’m a wee bit drunk at the moment to be fiddling with this so I’m going to have to leave it broken till I wake up tomorrow.. and since I’m working till close and then opening on Monday. It may be this way until Tuesday. Gaaah. Help anyone?

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  2. lol Michael, that’s why I left it at such a short post. hehehe

    Jason – thanks I fixed it after I posted this… as in after I got some sleep. lol

  3. BUI (Blogging Under Influence) can cost you secrets you don’t normally want to share… 😆

    Michael’s last blog post..Shutter

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