Now what?

So I’m going to end up staying up pretty late tonight because I wasn’t able to do any work all day. My laptop’s AC adapater wasn’t working for some reason… so I called Dell to get them to send me another one (still on warranty). But now my Dad fiddled with it a little bit and it’s freakin’ working! It’s so weird because he didn’t do anything different from what I did?! I was going to call them tomorrow morning, but I just emailed them instead. Hopefully that’ll suffice to stop the delivery.

I’m back on tight schedules. Luckily though I won’t be working evenings this week at all. Though I will be at school till at least 6:30 P.M. everyday. I’ve missed 2/4 reading journals for my Philosophy class which really sucks but I just haven’t been able to write more than two sentences for any of them. And he expects 2 paragraphs!

Not feeling that stressed about things though… it’s really strange… and my mind is really all over the place. So all over the place I can’t even focus long enough to write this post. My weekend was filled mostly with work and laughter… and some beer – but definitely lots of laughter. Family, friends, movies, dinner and drinks. Yay! How was your weekend?

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  1. haha never! I like to know that people that can do it… take full advantage of it! Sex is such a beautiful thing – people need to stop being so afraid of it.

  2. My weekend was AWESOME. I ended up, well, I must say, making sweet love to my husband on Friday night, and waking up to a badass morning, I know *ahem* T.M.I. (too much information), LOL. 🙂

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