Other blog posts post-poned on account of my aching heart

This time difference thing is killing me. Absolutely killing me. Peter has exams coming up next week, so he’s been extremely busy and I’ve been working shifts that prevent me from being home when he’s free to talk. I haven’t spoken to him in what feels like a year and all I want to do is cry.

It’s not that I need to talk to him to feel okay, it’s just that I miss him so god damn much. It’s bad enough I don’t get to see him, hold him, kiss him… or even just look at him. I haven’t been getting a lot of text messages from him either because we’ve been apart about 3 months and that’s usually around the time his Dad starts to really buckle down on him about the phone bill. Which is really annoying because he actually pays his Dad back, but his Dad still gives out to him about it all.

I’m getting anxious too because I need to book my flights for my trip over there in the first week of May. The flights are pretty expensive and I have a little over a month left to book! I’d like to be able to save more than just money for the trip… considering my new year’s resolutions.

The only thing that’s keeping me sane is my confidence that he misses me just as much as I miss him. Don’t ask me how I know since I haven’t spoken to him, but I just do. As I’ve may or may not have mentioned before, we’re in such a great place in our relationship and it makes me almost glad we were going through such hard times before. All those hard times just helped us gain so much trust in each other that it’s going to take something pretty gi-normous1 to break it.

But even though we’re in this great place… does that mean I can’t feel sorry for myself if I really miss my love?

  1. that’s “gigantically enormous”[]

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    Thanks for the credits by the way! 🙂

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  2. My husband and I dated long distance for a year. It sucks. I hate being away from him for two weeks right now. The only thing that gets me through things is that I know that I appreciate our time together all that much more because of the time apart. Keep your spirits up!

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  3. Aaron – thanks!

    Monique – thanks for the hugs… it just feels like it’s been forever!!

    Ate Mae – thank you so much… i hope so!!

    Kelly – thank you so much, that’s so true – because this is tough!!

    Jillian – thanks… *sigh* I just wish I could be back there already!

  4. Of course you can feel sorry for yourself!

    I too was in a long distance relationship with my husband before we got married. The three years we were apart were pure torture.


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