Unhappy Happy at DiffTO

The 2013 Daring International Film Festival Official Selection: Unhappy Happy

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to work with some really talented people on a feature film called, Unhappy Happy. It’s a movie about Cancer and the different ways that everyone deals with mortality; though that quick description makes it sound like a cliché, I assure you this film is not.

The film was also featured in the 2013 Toronto Independent Film Festival (TOIndieFF) and given the ‘Best Micro-Budget Feature Film’ Award. From the director: “An unhappy corporate-team builder tries to invent a device to bring happiness to his terminally-ill brother with the help of a brilliant but damaged woman. Unhappy Happy asks the question: What is the nature of true happiness?”

The Daring Internertational Film Festival (DiffTO) is an independent, Toronto based film festival; highlighting new up-and-coming filmmakers from Canada and around the world. It runs from December 26-29th and has been running since 2007 (though back then it was called the Moving Image Film Festival).

Unhappy Happy will be screening at 10:20pm on Friday, December 27th ((Hey! That is tonight!)) at Measure theatre in the Annex, located at 296 Brunswick Avenue. Tickets are on sale for $11 ($10.20 plus taxes) and can be purchased at the door or in advance on guestlist.

Hope to see you there!

We’ve got you covered, Jazzy!

It’s my birthday today! I’ve had a great day so far and nothing makes me happier than being able to give other people presents on a day like today. It brings back memories of when I was in grade school in Dubai; you see, the tradition was that the birthday girl or boy1 would bring candies to hand out on their special day.

Condom Rabbits

I’ll be tickling everyone’s sweet-teeth tomorrow at #ABCme but for today, I’ve got something a little better than candy to giveaway to the lovely Jazzy! She has yet to decide which sampler pack she wants to receive from Lucky Bloke, but I just know she’s going to have a lot of fun with her prize no matter what.

Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you some of the answers that were submitted to the question, “What’s the best way to get you “in the mood”?” To make sure no one feels awkward, people’s identities have been kept secret:

“Just don’t dine and date me. Sex first; food after”
– F.S.

“A sweet gesture – flowers; compliment; etc.”
– C.A.

“Soft touches and whispers.”
– B.J.

– Y.L.

“Rub my feet or kiss my neck”
– S.S.

“Kiss me passionately, or kiss my neck gently.”
– S.R.

Congratulations Jazzy! I hope I get to hear about all the fun you have with your sampler pack2. And since it’s my birthday, I hope the rest of you will play along by leaving a comment answering the same question above for me ;)

What’s the best way to get YOU “in the mood”?

  1. boys and girls were segregated[]
  2. because I am creepy like that[]

It may have been a mere 48 hours, but in that time we were like a family.

It was my first year doing the 48 hour film project. It was my first time working with many of the people on the team, at least in the capacity that we all held in those 48 hours. When I do it again next year1, we have a lot to live up to because it was such a phenomenal experience.

Hashtag Bougie Productions

There was no ego; you never heard “that’s not my job”; you never felt like you were alone, no matter what you were doing. At least that’s what the experience felt like for me. I can only hope the same sentiments are shared by my team mates. I’m not sure how many of them know this, but it was my first time as a PA. I had no idea what to do so I just did what I did best: if Dave2 asked me to take care of something, I took care of it all the way. Just because I brought breakfast, didn’t mean it stopped there. Dianna and I owned that table and made it a spread you could never forget3!

I’ve always been pretty lucky when working on film sets. I always seem to be surrounded by people who are focused enough to get the work done professionally, but aren’t afraid to have fun with each other. Based on things I’ve heard from other people, it really isn’t always the case. I’m so grateful that my experiences have been so full of magic and collaboration.

I feel so honoured to have been able to work with a group of such talented people. I am full of renewed energy to continue to work in film4. If you ever get a chance to participate in something like the 48 Hour Film Project, I would highly recommend it. Just look at all the fun we had! Our team was called Hastag Bougie Productions, and together we produced All For Davey.

The first public screening took place on November 3rd, at the Revue Cinema, where we learned that we moved on to the “Best Of” screenings taking place at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on November 10th from 3-6pm. I hope you can join us!

Watermarked photos belong to the lovely Dianna Lee from OTC Media.

On the set of "All For Davey"

On the set of "All for Davey"


On the set of "All for Davey"

  1. At least, I am hoping we do it again next year[]
  2. our fearless leader[]
  3. I know you think I am being dramatic but…[]
  4. heck, hopefully one day it will make me money too[]

“The best things in life are free…”

“…but you can give to the birds and bees I want condoms (that’s what I want)!”

Condom giveaway

Earlier this year, I blogged about Lucky Bloke‘s awesome samplers; raving about how much Garret((nope, not his real name)) and I enjoyed trying each one out1. I hope you’ll be excited as I am about this announcement but I have a sampler pack with your name on it!

What’s even better is that you get to choose the sampler pack that your heart desires once you have been deemed ‘The Winner’! And just to review, the various samplers that can be found on Lucky Bloke’s site are:



Tighter Fit People may make size jokes, but there’s nothing funny about unsafe sex. Protect yourself and actually enjoy sex so you and your partner can have the last laugh. Includes brands like Beyond Seven, RFSU, GLYDE, Crown, Lifestyles, or Caution Wear.
Standard Fit Before condom manufacturers got their shit together and decided to cater to the wide variety of sizes that the world needs, there were these sizes. May include brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, Crown, Lifestyles, or Trojan.
Generous Fit There are actually quite a few manufacturers that make various size condoms. A sampler lets you try one of each so you know which one is for you. May include brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, ONE, or Trojan.
Flavored/Flavoured There have always been fruit flavoured condoms, but they’ve upped their game with dessert flavoured condoms; taking the double entendre to a whole new level. May include brands like ONE and GLYDE (Organic & Vegan)!
Japanese Ultra-thin A sampler pack with standard size condoms, that promote that ‘barely there’ condom feel. May include brands like Okamoto, Kimono, Beyond Seven, Crown, Bareskin2, or ZERO.
International Ultra-thin Another sampler pack with standard size condoms, that promote the ‘barely there’ condom feel from all over the world. May include brands like Billy Boy, ONE, L. Condoms, Okamoto, Kimono, Beyond Seven, Crown, or Trojan.
Pleasure Shaped I’m hoping this one is pretty straight forward, these are shaped for your3 pleasure. May include brands like ONE, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, Durex, or Trojan.
Textured Who knew condoms came in so many different textures; ranges from ribbed, studded to ribbed+studded. May include brands like Kimono, Beyond Seven, ONE, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, Durex and Trojan.
Perfect Fit Finder Whether you’re not sure what size you want, or whether you want pleasure shaped or textured, or if you’ve never tried flavored/flavoured condoms before. This sampler lets you mix and match at your heart’s desire. May include brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, Crown, L., Lifestyles, ONE, RFSU, or Trojan.

And if you’re not interested in trying any of those, there are also two Lube samplers you could choose as your prize:



Regular “It’s so much better wetter” — nothing could be more true! With a selection that ranges from water-based, silicone based (and hybrids), arousing, flavoured, stimulating, and more! May include brands like Pjur, Überlube, Sliquid, Yes, Good Clean Love, Encouner, Fusion, Astroglide, ONE, or Wet.
Flavored/Flavoured Choose from a variety of flavours from these three brands: [Encounter: watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, peach, cherry], [Wet: passion fruit punch, pomegranate, cherry, wild blueberry, piña colada, kiwi strawberry] and [Sliquid Swirl: strawberry pomegranate, blue raspberry, green apple].
Extra sexy notes about lubricant: Ultra-thin condoms require extra lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety4. Additional lube also helps heighten pleasure with textured condoms.

And remember, Lucky Bloke is the kind of site that sends you packages discreetly. When your prize arrives, no one will know that you’ve got such saucy goodies inside unless you tell them!

How do you win? It’s pretty easy. You just have to follow along with the widget below. There are a few different entry types this time because the giveway is exciting5:

Just a note for those who want to use the “tweet” entry. It would be lovely if you added the name of the sampler pack you want to win, or don’t; whatever, I’m not a cop.

Good luck! Winner will be announced on my birthday, November 7th6.

  1. oh wait, I actually left that part out last time. SorryNotSorry[]
  2. by Trojan[]
  3. plural[]
  4. i.e. Breakage[]
  5. pun so very intended[]
  6. at whatever time I feel like announcing it, though most likely sometime near 5pm[]

Living in dark spaces

I like low lighting; mood lighting, if you will. I like candles, and soft yellow light bulbs. I prefer the times of day when awesome shadows are cast on the ground. I dislike fluorescent, and bright white light bulbs though I don’t hate being out in the sun in the heart of the summer.

That’s real light though. What about the metaphorical light in my brain? What kind of light does my brain like to live in? When I was a teenager, it lived in a pretty dark space; a space filled with angst, anger and rebellion. I wasn’t cruel to everybody, but I wasn’t exactly afraid of conflict. During my first management role, I was called a bitch a few times1; though hindsight tells me that I was a mirror for behaviour & attitude that my so-called-friends2 would only display behind everyone else’s backs. It was a long time ago and I’ve learned a lot of lessons on how to properly treat human beings3 since then.

When I moved to Ireland, something changed. I found zen somehow. Maybe it was finally getting the love I thought I wanted. Maybe there was just something in the water4 in Ireland. Whatever it was, it worked and I am eternally grateful for it. Then sometime last summer, something changed. Something switched. There’s an event, there’s a person involved, but it’s a story I’d really rather not tell you. Partially because the person in question doesn’t need to know how much he changed my life for the worse, and also because I don’t even blame him for it. He didn’t do anything on purpose to hurt me. The cookie just crumbled that way.

There were also other incidents that contributed to the state that I am in. One where I don’t smile as much as I used to; where I don’t necessarily feel like being social as often as I used to; nor do I enjoy singing as much as I used to. I’m slowly making peace with the fact that maybe this is just how I am going to be from now on but that acceptance hasn’t made me want to stop trying either. While in conversation with Garret5 the other night, I came to realize that I have become more negative. It isn’t glaringly obvious, at least I don’t think it is because no one has said anything to me, but it is there.

Mind you, I’ve always “prepared for the worst and expected the best” so I didn’t notice that I was focusing the negative. Thinking about the negative possibilities of any scenario is just something I had always done. What I didn’t notice was that I no longer expected the best to happen. I expected the worst, and only saw the worst. I’ve stopped looking at the bright side. Right now, I think I have a million reasons to feel like my life sucks even though logic tells me that it doesn’t. So now, I’ve got to do something to change this way of thinking. I am tired of being sad and angry. It hurts my chest, it hurts my head.

I used to run a project called Three Smiles on Tumblr. A project that has stopped and started up again intermittently, and has been on hiatus for a while now. The idea was to think about three things that made you smile that day; three things that you were grateful for. Alex Conde even interviewed me about it. I think that now, more than ever, I need to start it up again. I don’t think I’ll be able to do Three Smiles a day like I used to – at least not right away – so I’ll start with one a day and go from there. I need this. I prefer living in sunshine.

I think the most frustrating part for me right now is knowing that I am better than this, but still being unable to turn on the sunshine in my brain and in my heart. To (re)start off this project my first smile is that I am still around to keep trying.

What are you grateful for today?

  1. more than a few times[]
  2. at the time[]
  3. whether they are acting like human beings or not[]
  4. or the Guinness[]
  5. not his real name[]
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