Pink is for Mother’s Day

Except my Mum’s favourite colour is red. Strong, passionate and solid red. I have been blessed with a Mum who’s selflessness is unlike anyone I’ve seen. She’s dedicated -to her husband, her children, her parents, her friends, her job; and naturally least of all herself. I don’t talk to her about boys but that’s more my doing; I’m sure she’d be able to offer me a lot of great advice if I let her1 but she taught me so much of what I know without my knowledge. I watch her now when I visit and notice that I’ve taken on so many of her great qualities and learnt a lot of the same lessons she’s learnt as we’ve shared a home and part of our lives together.

I hope I’ve made it obvious but to say that I’m grateful for being raised by a Mum like mine is most certainly an understatement. I can’t wait for the next phase in our lives where we become closer as friends and start to share an even deeper bond that’ll always be with me.

I love you Mummy.

  1. maybe one day…[]

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