Politics, Religion and fallen friendships

My best friend lives in New York and she came up for the weekend to visit. I was so happy to have her around. Flights to Toronto were pretty pricy so she flew to Buffalo and I drove over and picked her up. Ash was nice enough to come with me… of course she wanted to go shopping so I had an extra edge on getting her to come. Shopping was lots of fun… and all three of us ended up getting something which always makes for a good shopping experience.

While I was in Victoria Secret though, Ash and Anita started talking and got to talking about religion. I guess I had forgotten just how much Ani liked to talk about controversial things… but I hope that Ash wasn’t too uncomfortable talking about things. I don’t remember much from the conversation as I tried to concentrate on driving and my PK CD that was playing in the background. Parts of the conversation centred on abortion laws, evolution vs. creation and other topics that people usually have strong opposing opinions on. They both had very valid points, but if living in Canada has taught me anything its that there is room for people who believe differently to live and practice in the world as long as they respect their differences. But I guess there are still things like abortion that need to be decided in government but what I don’t understand is why we can’t just leave it at making it legal for those that don’t believe it’s a sin so that people that are impregnated through rape can have some hope of attempting to erase the memory of such a horrible experience. But I don’t really feel like getting into that much… the most I wanted to say about religion is that, the biggest problem I have with organized religion (of course not all religions, or even everyone in each faith is this way) is that belief that they are the only “right” religion and therefore everyone that believes in it is always insisting that everyone in the world believe in that faith. There is no acknowledgement of individuality in many religions and that’s what makes it so difficult for people to fit into it. But anyway…

When we got home, we took a little nap before getting ready to have dinner with our friends. Friends that I see once a year and only because she’s in town. Friends I used to call best friends. Up until recently actually, I still considered one of them a best friend… or at least someone I could lean on. But I don’t even know her anymore… that night, we went to dinner and Ani was hoping for a good time out… dancing and drinking with friends she hasn’t seen in a while. And everyone was being so selfish. I don’t have a lot of money either, but Ani made the effort to come up and visit that of course I was going to give her what she wanted! I tried to get them to park in a lot for $10 while they were still on their way and insisted that they call me when they were nearby so that I could give them directions to the place. Did they? No. So they paid $20 for parking just because it was literally right next door (we parked across the street) and then insisted that we go somewhere that was right next door to the restaurant because they didn’t want to pay for parking again… I even offered to pay for cabs back and forth and they then proceeded to make up some other bullshit reason for not being able to go.

Ok, let me back up for a second. I know these club promoters and I’ve never ever asked them for a favour before for fear of “over staying my welcome”, for lack of a better phrase, and their stupid excuses embarrased me to no end. Of course the club promoters didn’t care… but I had to use one of the promoter’s cell phone numbers so many times that I’m sure he’s saved it now and will never answer my calls again. Ah, it’s not really that big of a deal and it didn’t really bother me until the next night.

Ani and I booked a hotel room, with the idea that she (the other girl) would stay with us making the room cheaper for us but more importantly giving us all a chance to hang out sans attachments or testosterone. Well, they cancelled at the last minute. And lemme tell you, she’s good at thinking of excuses that can’t be contested. They weren’t the first night with their first excuse… but then they realized how resourceful I was and decided that illness or any sort of body problems or pain are things we can’t possibly have easy fixes to. It just pissed me off so much… I mean she came all the way over here to visit us and she wanted to have fun with people she values enough to come year after year and they barely gave her the time of day. Just because we weren’t in their area and were downtown instead. What bothers me too is that Ani forgave them… or seemed to anyway. She “couldn’t” even come with me to pick up Ani… even though that didn’t bother me that much… again until that night they bailed at the last minute.

Anyway… I guess I should get back to bed. I got home from school early today and slept till about 2 hours ago… and now it’s time for bed again 😀 What a great day. Started with interviews at the Four Seasons, a midterm and then bed, bed, bed!

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  1. Lynn, April… man… I don’t know whether to feel better or worse that pretty much everyone goes through something like this. I think I’m going to go with worse… although I’m sure that one of these days I’m going to end up being guilty of the same 🙁 as much as I try not to. I mean it just seems that it’s just the way the world works…

  2. Man, that is some bullshit if you ask me. It is a shame, but sometimes friends totally change, and we have to move on. I know I always wanted one of my friendships to work out with one of my old friends, her name was Jada, but she turned into a real conservative housewife, kissed her husband’s ass to no end, and just wanted to lounge around pregnant and running errands. It’s a long story, but one of these days I’ll blog about it.

  3. Hey Reg! I had a similar experience, except it was one of my cousins visiting from Australia and my other cousins (who live here too) barely gave him the time of day. I was quite shocked b/c we haven’t seen this cousin in years (since we were all kids). I know… it makes it that much more disturbing. I think it’s sad when people waste their life doing things (i.e. Working like a slave to make tons of money) that do not add value to their life, instead of something such as spending time with family and friends. It bugs me too, but you know what? I’m slowly learning to accept things people do rather than waste my time stewing over it. Life seems uncomplicated that way, and more peaceful too! 🙂

  4. Trench… haha I completely agree. Especially people who expect to be considered any type of a friend you know?

    Ash – good to hear! 😀 She enjoyed it too!

  5. hey… no uncomfortableness here! i had a great time chatting about such things, will have to do it again!

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