I’m not annoyed with you because I know you probably felt you had no choice. Honest.

I’m annoyed at her because she wonders why people don’t want to hang out with her when all she ever does is bring out the negative side to everything. I was in the midst of moving my life and she expected me to bring her text book to her – in the midst of all that? I’m not saying I’m not to blame at all. I’m not saying that a University textbook isn’t important. I’m not saying she had no right to ask for it back. All I’m saying is… Surely, If she wanted the bloody book so badly she could have come to my house and picked up the book, instead of expecting me to do all the legwork. That’s the way logic works. At least in my world.

And now as she hears that I’m coming home (from you I’m guessing), she convinces you to give her my email address just so she can ask me to bring her bloody book?

Well, I’ll do one better. I’ve asked for her mailing address and I’m going to ask my Mum to post it to her. Hopefully that’ll get her off my back once and for all.

And yes, I can be a bitch when I’m provoked.

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  1. lol April. You have to understand this girl is one of the most pessimistic people I know. And not just about herself, but she brings you down with her. 4 years I tried… I’m fed up.

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