Quiz day

[edit] I’m a horrible person. I didn’t link back… done now.[/edit]

I did a few quizzes today… and I thought I would share the results because this cold is making it impossible to think straight.

71 words

Touch Typing online

I didn’t realise what it was doing so I made a few mistakes, and I could’ve restarted but I decided to stick to it. And I still got 71 words per minute. Not too shabby… got the typing test from The Blog of Rudy Amid.

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  1. i tried the typing test. hehe. but i kept stopping since i was getting pinged every so often in YM. sheesh. hehe. try it again next time.

    i also did the time of day, but it didn’t really relate too much to me. felt too much of a school thing.

  2. AVCr8teur, which means you’re probably around the same as me… hehe

    Courtney, take the test and lemme know!! I’m curious!

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