R-r-r-r-roll up the rim to win

RRRoll up the rim to win My current win count:
0/2 Medium cups
0/4 Large cups

I have a theory that there is a higher percentage of winning large cups versus winning medium cups so I’ve started buying large drinks but sometimes I just can’t finish a large so I’ll buy a medium. No win for me yet though, so I gotta keep trying.

Please play again Roll up the rim isn’t really about the winnings for me though, I love Tim Horton’s coffee in general. But more so, Tim Horton’s roll up the rim to win campaign reminds me of my college days with Ash. I miss her a lot, and with her being all the way in Owen Sound – I can’t exactly see her as often as I would like. So all I can do is drink each cup of coffee and sit back as the memories come flooding back.

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