You think you’re done finding people on facebook, and then you find someone and realize how many more people you haven’t found yet. It’s crazy!

I don’t quite remember when I joined but I know I joined because I was away from home. And man is it good. It’s like no other online community I’ve ever been a member of. I’ve been a member of friendster, multiply and bebo. The first two were primarily popular with Filipinos, and bebo was only really popular with the Irish. And facebook… facebook allows me to keep in touch with everybody and anybody I know around the world!

Everybody is in facebook. Even my boyfriend. My boyfriend who hates having his laundry out in the open. (Yes, I’m aware the phrase includes the word dirty but it never made sense to me why anyone would want to hang their dirty laundry out in the open).

So anway, I’m going to go back to my online community after my long distance phone conversation with Mummy & Daddy.