So I asked about what your resolutions were… but haven’t gotten a response. We decided to create some joint resolutions this year… and since I haven’t heard from you guys… I thought I would start it off and maybe inspire you:

Number 1: Lose weight
More specifically, he’s to lose a certain amount, and I’m to lose a certain amount. To announce how much would be too personal so I’m going to have to leave it at that. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to start with this immediately because I still have this bandage on my leg which means I can’t really do any exercise until it’s gone. The good news is that it is healing quite well.

Number 2: Save money
We both spent a lot of money in the past year and a half, and though my main reason for saving is just that I think it’s about time I put more money into my RRSP (ask me if you don’t know what that is)… he thought it would be a good idea for him to do it too.

And so… those are our New Year’s resolutions… care to share yours?

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