I’m sad right now. I need someone to talk to about… well lots of things and I have no one at the moment. Alexander1 is MIA, Peter1 is fast asleep since it’s 7am where he is…………. and those are pretty much the only people who can comfort me. Maybe the person that signed anonymously to my “Lily” blog was right. Maybe I only blog to advance my relationships. I always thought that I write journal entries because I need to express some things that no one’s available to listen to. I mean I switched blogs because Peter was uncomfortable having our life together broadcast to the world – especially since people that we worked with (who are incessent gossip mongers) knew about my journal.

I really wish I could talk to him about tonight though… I managed my first cruise on a big boat tonight and I messed up – nothing major but I’m pretty sure I disappointed my boss. And my entire goal today was to impress him without going overboard and I couldn’t even do that. ugh… I dunno I just feel like crap – and I started off feeling not too bad too. Ah well.

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]
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