Seeing things in a different light

We used to be friends of proximity. We lived in the same building (housing provided by each of our dads’ employers), and our parents were friends. But we were always so competitive with each other. At least, I remember being competitive with her… I guess in that sense, she was always my sister. As in, anything I had she had to have and vice versa. And so as I grew older, and especially through my rebellious stage, I disliked her.

But now that I’m older (and slightly wiser), I’ve come to realise that we are not that different. Albeit, I blossomed a lot earlier than she did (I blossomed a lot earlier and a lot of people). But she’s become this person I’m so proud to say that I know and even though (as per usual) she already has someone that she calls her bestfriend… I hope that she and I can always be friends.