Selling on ebay: your advice?

As the title suggests, I need some input about selling on ebay. Mostly, I want to know what your experiences have been like and what you would change about some of the sellers you have encountered. Some questions to get you started:

  1. What was the worst experience you’ve had while buying something on ebay?
  2. Do think ebay sellers communicate well enough?
  3. Have you ever experienced the seller changing the shipping costs once the auction has ended?
  4. Do you think ebay sellers provide enough information on the products they’re selling?
  5. How much is too much information?

And those are the only questions I can think of right now. My family has a lot of stuff hoarded in the basement of our house and I’m getting sick and tired of it. So I’m going to take it upon myself to take all the pictures, and post up auction pages on ebay for all these items. I’ve got stupid things and I’ve got cool things and I figure why not try to sell everything before we give it away to goodwill since we’re not exactly rolling in dough ourselves1.

You don’t have to answer all the questions I’ve listed, and you can certainly answer any question that I haven’t posted but think I should know the answer to. Thanks so much for your help! I’m hoping to compile answers and post the results when I finish collecting2.

  1. going into overdraft every month can’t be fun for any family[]
  2. assuming I get enough answers for a post![]

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