Selling my soul

I sold my soul, so to speak, so I could make use of newer bells and whistles1 since the theme I was using for such a long time was not exactly compatible with the latest version of wordpress. I was also hoping to fix the problem of the extra apostrophes but it seems that is just not my luck. I was hoping that with the latest version of wordpress2 that it would be fixed but that just has not been the case. So I am going to try my best not to use apostrophes and write out all my words.

I actually really like this theme but I definitely need to find a way to personalise it. The lack of header image will drive me crazy after a little while. This is why I consider it selling my soul… but let us face it: it is better than a broken blog3.

Is it fitting, or not so fitting that this is the title of my post on Ash Wednesday 2010? I am not sure. Many of you who know me, know that I am Catholic by birth but that I am by no means Catholic by practice. I believe in a divine being but I certainly don not believe in organised religion. I believe in traditions and the values that can be instilled in people when they are taught and followed, but I also believe that it is more important to understand the why behind traditions rather than blindly following them.

And many of you also know that every year I give up chocolate for lent. This year might be my toughest year for this yet – I have been craving and eating chocolate for the past month or so like it is going out of production. A lot of it can be attributed to the recent emotional turmoil I have been going through, but according to my dear friend Jo it could also just be my body telling me that I need more calories since I have started being more active4.

I am trying to figure out something else to give up but I really can not think of anything. I gave up facebook last year but that was because I found myself obsessively checking my news feed every 3 seconds5. The only addiction I have picked up recently is jazz dance, and I think it would be silly to give that up. So instead, I am going to do this for lent: every night I am going to write down three things that I am grateful for. I have already started doing it this week; and it is not easy. There are no rules other than the why must always be written, if it is something frivolous, materialistic or small – because chances are it is related to something more important.

What are you giving up for lent?

  1. plugins and widgets[]
  2. 2.9.2[]
  3. there was more wrong with the blog than I thought when I first started fiddling again[]
  4. with dance, and yoga[]
  5. I wish I was exaggerating[]

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  1. @Leah: Chocolate is a good one. And I”m sorry but for me, chocolate milk TOTALLY counts! lol BUT, if it”s the only way to get you to drink milk at all… then we should definitely make an exception! And OMG, TV would be so freakin” hard!!Thanks for the compliment on the theme 🙂

    @Drolgerg: lol you”re on a free account at so it updates automatically for you 🙂 I really don”t know what to do about the apostrophe problem actually… really, really don”t 🙁 Glad you”re trying to get back into it. I hope we see more of you!

    @Erin: It”s been a great one. I hope to post some of my top 3 at the end of the month!

    @Penny: Just keep forcing yourself! It”s been so great at keeping my spirits up of late 🙂 Thanks for the compliments on the theme – I TOO love the bit at the bottom!! *hugs*

  2. Oh what a great thing to do. I have tried to do something similar too but I always give up after a few days. I really do believe that the world would be a better place, though, if people thought more about what they were grateful for. Keep us posted with it, I really hope it helps to keep you feeling better.

    Your theme looks really nice, I especially like the bit at the bottom (after all the posts etc.) I can understand why you have a need to be able to customise it more, though. Hopefully you can find a way!
    .-= Penny´s last blog ..February Photos ‘10 Part II =-.

  3. I didn”t know there was a new version! Think I”ll wait, though: this theme looks great, but the header & apostrophes problems do seem annoying.

    I like your attitude to religion: I don”t believe in a divine being, & from what I can see a lot of organised religion is a great force for ”evi”l. I do like however the idea of taking the good bits – values & traditions that are designed to encourage us to be kinder & less selfish towards each other – & discarding the bad. If we all took your attitiude I think the world would be a much better place.

    PS: after a period of neglect of both reading & writing blogs, I”m trying to get back into it.

    PPS: Sorry for the parantheses: I think I”m addicted to them

  4. I”m going to give up chocolate.

    Uhh, does chocolate milk count? I”m going to go ahead and say no it doesn”t. It is still healthy and gets me to drink milk.

    Goodbye chocolate my love.

    When we were younger my parents made us give up TV for lent every year! That was hard, but we were lucky to have each other to keep us occupied – that and a farm and board games. I likke the new theme, the old boards are very beautiful.
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Soother Snob =-.

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