Shift managers ‘r’ us

Ok, so I’ve been a little MIA the last few days, but I promise there’s a good reason. You see, I started my management training on Saturday morning. My third shift. See, I had suggested that I get trained as a regular employee first because I like having first hand experience of how everyone and everything works. And they agreed. So I wasn’t surprised when my first shift was a bar training shift, and my second a server training shift. I wasn’t scheduled to work until Tuesday night… but on Friday night, he called me and asked me to come in for some management training. As if he had to ask.

After a few hours of training, and a lot of walking around, we had a talk about where things were going. They were happy about my progress. So happy, that they wanted to get me into a shift manager role as soon as possible. Sweet! And in a few months, there’ll be an evaluation that will lead to more responsibility. Even sweeter. I have three more shift manager training shifts, and then I fly solo on Saturday morning. I can’t wait!

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  1. LOL Michael, I’ve just been in the Industry for a long time… so I know what I’m doing is all. 😀

    Thanks Ate Mae!!

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