Slow but productive Sunday

So… I was supposed to work on my part of a report for our Revenue Management Class where we ran this hotel simulator. It was awesome. We got to make decisions regarding rates, advertising, staffing levels, training spending, extra facilities to install, refurbishments, and on and on. It was intense especially towards the end where time went by faster. We ran the hotel for five full years… we had the class for two days each week for about two months, one hour on Tuesdays and two hours on Fridays. I was so sad when it was over. But anyway… I barely got through reading the article that we were meant to refer to when writing the report. Shhhh don’t tell Ash. I’d say don’t tell Marta but she doesn’t read this anyway hehehe.

So yeah, I was supposed to be working on that… but I’ve been so incredibly unmotivated with my school work ever since I found out that I didn’t get into the Management Trainee or Assistant Manager Trainee Program for a company I really had my heart set on. So I worked on everything but: I cleaned my room, organized my binders/class notes, downloaded Mozilla Sunbird and entered all sorts of events/tasks, worked on stuff for our graduation formal, wrote a whole LOT of emails, gave myself a manicure, watched the oscars (YAY Reese!), uploaded my resume on a whole bunch of job search engine sites (mostly in Ireland), searched for some government jobs (because they pay more) and did some homework for my Food class (where we’re getting to run a restaurant).

I’m contemplating leaving the restaurant I work at right now to work at a retail store that I’ve worked at before… simply because they pay more and my hours are pretty guaranteed. And I don’t just mean weekly hours, but each day I’ll know exactly what time I’ll get off and can make better plans… but I’m so torn because I really love the GM that I work for. I’m going to talk to him tomorrow morning about it… I need to call him and remind him that I need the gift certificate that he promised me.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on my portfolio’s new layout… I was pretty excited when I first got the inspiration and couldn’t wait to share it with the world (haha how corny). I’m hoping to have everything uploaded soon but a lot of my project due dates are creeping up on me… although I’ll be handing out my business cards soon and they feature my website address so I’ll have to definitely do it sooner rather than later. *sigh* Why can’t I just win the lottery?

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