Some days are just beer days…

And today, Canada day, is definitely one of them! I worked a double shift and I couldn’t be more tired, but I’m going to sit myself down in a few minutes with an ice cold beer and Sex and the City. Today was the worst day though… the restaurant was full of cheap people. People who normally don’t go out, and probably can’t go out but because it’s Canada day and there’s fireworks scheduled across the street from our 2nd floor1 restaurant, they’ve decided to go out to dinner and splurge on everything but the tip to the people who’ve been working their butts off all night.

*sigh* I only really have one piece of advice… if you can’t afford to go out to a nice restaurant… please don’t. I know it’s a bit mean because everybody should be able to have nice things but who said that eating at a restaurant where they’re over charging for everything should be considered ‘nice things’ anyway?!

Ah anyway… I’m just exhausted and bitter so I’m going to leave it alone. Hope everyone had a good day!

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