Something’s wrong

I’m not quite sure what. But Peter has been irritating me a lot lately. And not for any particular reason either.

At least that’s how I was feeling a couple of days ago. And then last night happened.

It’s always been the same. He doesn’t tell me something happens that annoys him. He ‘let’s it go’, but it still festers in him and even when it happens a second time, he still ‘let’s it go’ and then when he can’t take it anymore he blows a situation that isn’t the same, but resembles it, out of proportion.

It’s not fair. How am I meant to fix things if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

He says he told me about it before… but I can only fix one of my faults at a time. And if you’re expecting me to fix more than 1 all in one go, you definitely can’t expect me to fix it overnight. And especially not when you don’t tell me or point out the situation to me when it bothers you.

I love him, a lot. More than I’m sure I’ll love anyone else again. But for the first time… I’m beginning to lose faith.

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  1. That problem is more common than you think. I have the same problem according to my wife. Hang in there. We men just tend to keep things to ourselves.

  2. I know April. But I’m seriously beginning to give up. I mean I used to think that because we were constantly fighting that there was a reason for him to feel like we couldn’t keep doing this. But we haven’t even been fighting half as often as we used to and he’s thinking about giving up. It’s almost as if he’s always looking for someway out. Whatever.

  3. You know, my husband has the same problem. I have to work extra hard just to get him to tell me what he feels in his heart. Tell him that you mean well, and that you love him, and that you don’t want the relationship to end… but that it’s a relationship — which takes two — not one. You can’t be responsible for all the communication Regina.

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