Somewhere over the rainbow, a cover

Months ago, when I posted an A Capella cover of ‘Absence of Fear’ by Jewel. A great friend, Adela, and one of my favourite people asked me if I would do a cover of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. Being the sort of caliber of person that she is, I couldn’t really resist.

It took me months because I tend to be most comfortable singing Jewel’s songs and had to learn this classic before I could even attempt a recording. Learning this song made me realise that I need to listen to more classics, they’re simple but complex and just so damn good. I hope you enjoy this cover… at least more than I am right now1

Is there a song you’d like to hear me sing?

  1. I keep finding mistakes![]

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  1. Ahhh rubbish. Maybe I was stupid and didn’t click send?? Anyway, I said something along the lines of I love hearing your singing and want to hear more! I also asked if I could make requests too 😉 And Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a true classic

  2. @April: Thank you hun!

    @Kelly: I would love to! Trying to find a choir to join over here, but haven’t had much luck or time!!

    @miss tique: OMG that’s a beautiful song. Have been listening to it for a few hours. Will try my best!

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