Step 0.5 complete…

I’m half in denial about moving. I’ve at least emailed one of the hostels where I get two nights free accomodation when I arrive at my destination. Half the time I’m thinking about all the things I need to do when I get over there and then other half of the time I’m looking up events I want to catch here in Toronto… only to realize I won’t be here.

I’m starting to get really worried. And of course I know everything will be okay because I always come out okay. But it’s in my nature to worry. I’ve always been a very anxious person. G’ah. Life’s so funny like that… for example: I’ll worry about getting a parking ticket all the time, and evidently I never get a ticket. And the one time I relax about it and don’t even worry about getting the ticket – lo and behold: I get a ticket! haha So I guess I’ve just inadvertently decided to stick to always worrying and expecting the worst. Not that I only expect the worst to happen of course. I look at both sides of the coin… it’s not always easy. I still catch myself reacting in terrible ways, but no where near what it used to be. God I ramble don’t I?

So anyway… I’ve made some progress to ‘moving’. At least I’ve contacted the hostel. Once I hear from them and book my first two nights, I can start thinking about my permanent accomodation. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to go about that. I mean I have the option of simply doing it all myself over the phone/email… but I think I would prefer to get someone living there already to at least check out the places for me and see it with their eyes you know? Question is… who? I suppose I could ask him… I mean if anything we’re good friends and isn’t that what friends are for? I don’t know… there’s a part of me that really wants to do this without his help but the fact of the matter is that I need the help and there’s no one else living there that I’d feel comfortable asking. Argh. What to do?!

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  1. Have faith that you will make it. You have your parents, right? They love you, and if an emergency happened they would back you up.

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