For the love of pictures: 500px

I have been a flickr pro-member for six years and never thought I would ever talk about another photography site. However, when I found out that 500px was born right here in Toronto it was pretty easy to jump ship. I still love flickr but I’m going to rooting for 500 px just that much harder.

Things I like about 500 px? The sleek design; the square, 230x230px thumbnails; the fluidity of the site; the fact that the photos that are featured on there seem to be everyone’s best work – something that I think flickr has let slide over the years. It’s understandable of course; for some flickr is *the* way they share photos1 but it does mean that when you’re searching for a sexy photo of something for a blog post you end up having to sift through a lot more photos that would be better for a cute family scrapbook.

I haven’t fiddled around with the site that much but it has certainly revived my passion for taking pictures. I’m not a photographer by any means, I just enjoy taking pictures; they’re a little easier to handle when you have a small apartment that you can’t fit an easel into2. Now if only I could afford a new camera… my 6MP camera has served me well but perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

If you haven’t heard of 500 px yet3, you must check them out! 🙂4

  1. when you know, they refuse to get a facebook account[]
  2. yet, it’ll happen[]
  3. you probably have[]
  4. oh and this isn’t a paid message; so just go over there already – if you like photography![]