My mobile phone is terminal 12

I love my mobile phone… its green, cute and one of a kind here in Toronto. I got it from Dublin and got it unlocked when I moved back to Toronto. And now its not working very well. It works to the point where I can accept phone calls and move to the first screen of a menu item but after that point, it just freezes. So I’m shopping […]

Wanting a new laptop

After installing my new protection system, my computer has slowed down loading everything from webpages to programs. And it’s frustrating. So now I want a new system… unfortunately, I still have about 2 years left on my term with Dell (and it’s already 2 years old!). But I’d still like to get some feedback from people who used to be PC users and have switched over to a Macs. […]

iPOD Nano: Take #2

My brother agreed to help me pay for a new iPOD Nano as my graduation present, so went over to the apple store downtown to take advantage of my student discount and buy me the cheapest iPOD Nano there is: The 1GB. In black (of course). For those that remember, the first one I had was black… and since I’m trying to keep it so that my parents don’t […]


I’m depressed sad. I think I’ve lost my iPOD Nano. I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve retraced my steps as best I can and the last time I remember physically touching it was at work last Thursday. I’ve called work. I’ve called my friend and asked him to search their house in case I lost it at their house party on Saturday. I didn’t leave the house on Friday […]