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Yes, I still watch Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy but you see this life of mine has taken an unexpected turn that I’m not at liberty to discuss.. but that doesn’t make things any easier. It certainly doesn’t make it easy for me to write about Heroes and/or keep track of what happened when. So I’m going to have to quit, which saddens me because I don’t have enough people to talk about Heroes with in my life. So if anyone needs to chat about Heroes on twitter: let me know!

Yesterday, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m sad to say that I’m now dreading Christmas. Like seriously dreading it because I don’t know how I’m going to get through it. For those of you who know the full story, you’ll understand why1. I kept busy though and it was about all that kept me from breaking down, but I won’t be able to keep this busy for long…

I feel like I’m floating without much direction. Then again I’ve been feeling like that for a while, except before I felt like there was still something tying me down. I still do, but with weaker rope. It’s such a funny feeling to float around, yet feel like you’re not getting anywhere useful. I’ve written so much poetry in the last few months but nothing I feel comfortable sharing just yet. They’re still very raw, and a little juvenile. I’ll have to dig out some of my old poems too and see if I can find something to refine, because I’m feeling a lot of similar feelings right now.

I have also been listening to a lot of Damien Rice lately. A lot of his fans are really disappointed that he and Lisa Hannigan have parted ways but personally, I love this version of Rootless Tree:

How are you doing these days?

  1. for those who don’t please feel free to DM me on twitter and I’ll explain, but I can’t write about it in public[]

Media Tuesday: Intense beginnings

There is no other word to describe how I feel about the first week of Season Premieres for both Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy. I should warn you now that I am not really going to hold back so if you haven’t seen either episode, you might want to skip the appropriate sections1.

Heroes S4 – Redemption; Season premiere – Orientation
So Hiro2 is still struggling with his powers but they’ve managed to make him succeed in giving Kimiko3 & Ando a happy, ever after… is that part of Hiro needing to get back his confidence in his powers so that the nose bleeds stop? I don’t know. I suppose he was a little too powerful and it wouldn’t be interesting anymore if everything was easy right?  I am happy for Ando though… at least he won’t have to obsess about other women anymore4.

The whole Sylar/Nathan, and Matt storyline is hard to follow… so now Sylar is attached to Matt because Matt erased his memory and replaced them with Nathan’s memories5. But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t use the Haitian to fully erase Sylar’s memory?

Peter’s storyline will always be my favourite… and the preview for next week’s episode has me a little devastated. I mean if all of Peter’s hard work goes to waste because everyone starts thinking that he caused all the accidents where he saved people6… well I’m just dying to see how he handles it!!

Grey’s Anatomy S6 E1 “Good Mourning; Goodbye”
So intense. The announcement that they were merging with Mercy West was definitely not one I saw coming7 They really played up George O’ Malley’s8 death though I’m glad it wasn’t the focus of the full 2 hours – I’m not sure my heart could have taken it.

I’m happy that they’ve got all the couples in a good place right now… but it makes me wonder where the troubles are going to come from. A part of me thinks that Arizona9 might start having a thing for McDreamy and start causing trouble in two relationships10 and as much as I don’t want to tune in every week to see everyone getting along, I really hope that’s not the drama they’re thinking of causing for Derek & Meredith. But I do hope that they put some drama into it because Derek & Meredith just aren’t as fun when they’re always hiding in some room having sex.

And I’m in trouble, because I’ve been able to watch the first three episodes of Glee and Flashpoint which are both pretty awesome! Why didn’t anyone tell me that Glee was a musical?! I wouldn’t have missed any of it if I had known! It’s fun, witty, funny and pretty damn cool. I wish our high school had a Glee club. I would have been all over that shit! It certainly fits being intense in it’s awesome-ness.

The season premiere of Flashpoint left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth but it serves me right for not reading the rag mags and/or any articles on the shows and it’s cast – I might have known that Mark Taylor11 was leaving the show.

How are you enjoying the fall 2009 entertainment season?

  1. at least I’m doing that for you huh?[]
  2. played by Masi Oka[]
  3. Hiro’s sister and played by Saemi Nakamura[]
  4. which I found pretty annoying in previous seasons[]
  5. to the extent that Sylar keeps Nathan’s form[]
  6. using his powers of course[]
  7. mostly because I don’t read rag mags or even news about actor contracts and etc.[]
  8. played by T. R. Knight[]
  9. played by Jessica Capshaw[]
  10. hers & Cali’s and Derek & Merediths[]
  11. from Breaker High, I’m sure he’s been in other shows but that’s the only one I remember seeing him in[]

Monday Madness: The Boob Tube Edition

In honour of the season premiere of one of my favourite television shows returning this season, I’m dedicating this week’s Monday Madness to Television. Below are my picks for ‘Must-see TV’ this season:

Heroes: They’re normal people with dysfunctional lives who discovered two seasons ago that they have special abilities; and in true X-Men1 form there are some people who think they’re a threat and those who think they are the future. It’s not quite the X-Men because they don’t run around in superhero-skin-tight-save-the-day outfits but it doesn’t make it any less awesome.
When it Airs: Mondays on Global | Ch 32 at 9pm EST (I think).
Why I watch it: Two words – Milo Ventimiglia3. In all seriousness, I’m a huge comic book and superhero fan so this show was right up my alley from day 14. Some people have complained that it moves quite slow, but I think the show is worth your patience.
My favourite characters: Peter Pettrelli played by Milo Ventimiglia5, Claire played by Hayden Panettiere, and Elle Bishop played by Kristen Bell.

Grey’s Anatomy: Love drama, Friend drama, Interning drama; It’s a drama about starting out a medical career at Seattle Grace Hospital and all the trials and tribulations they have to go through.
Airs: Thursdays on CTV | channel 8 at 9pm EST (I think).
Why I watch it: I love it because it makes me cry; the love story between Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo‘s characters, Derek and Meredith because I’ve always been a sucker for ‘destined lover’ stories. Theirs is my favourite since Friends ended and there was nothing new to watch about Ross and Rachel’s love story. I’ve never been a fan of hospital dramas (don’t shoot me down, I know ER was great but it just isn’t there for me ok?)) but for some reason Grey’s Anatomy just always hits all the right spots for me. I was disappointed when Adison Sheppard, played by Kate Walsh, left the show but they’ve been able to keep my interest so I think I’m going to stick with this one.
My favourite character(s): I guess I made this question redundant by answering my previous question the way I did but let’s say it again for good measure: Dr. Derek Sheppard and Meredith Grey6.

Flashpoint: It follows the Strategic Response Unit as they try and do their job and diffuse high-risk situations7. The team are made to seem like heroes capable of doing things we wouldn’t but of course they are, so it adds that extra bit of drama to every situation.
Airs: Sundays on CTV | channel 8 at 10pm EST8
Why I watch it: It’s set in Toronto! Really, that’s it. Hehe ok, no. I can’t pinpoint what I like about it but so far it’s been really exciting and entertaining to watch.
My favourite character(s): Sgt. Gregory Parker played by Enrico Colantoni, Julianna ‘Jules’ Callaghan played by Amy Jo Johnson, and Ed Lane played by Hugh Dillon.

Desperate housewives: The women of Wysteria Lane are scandalous, imperfect9, sexy and they care about each other the way you hope a friend would care for you.
Airs: Sundays on CTV | channel 8 at 9pm EST
Why I watch it: Because it’s funny, it makes you cry and because the women are hot!
My favourite character(s): Bree Hodge played by Marcia Cross, and Mike Delfino played by James Denton. I actually like everyone but they would have to be my absolute favourites.

Honourable mentions:
CSI, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Two and a half men, and One tree Hill

You will notice I haven’t listed any reality TV shows – that would be because I can’t stand them. Sometimes, I’ll watch Extreme makeover: home edition, Are you smarter than a Canadian 5th grader10, and I survived a Japanese game show.

I think I’d like to go ahead and make this a full-blown meme, so I’m tagging Monique, trench, mspennylane, Rudy, and anyone else who’d like to play along.

1. List your ‘Must-see TV shows’ for this season (no minimum, no maximum).
2. Tag as many people as shows you list11.

What’s on your ‘Must-see TV’ list this season?

Update12: I’m also excited to check out the Women’s Murder Club. I’m a fan of James Patterson‘s Dr. Alex Cross and Lindsay Boxer novels so I’m curious to see how well it does.

  1. i.e. Mutant[]
  2. in Toronto[]
  3. I’m drooling right now[]
  4. All though, because I was in Ireland when it premiered I hadn’t heard about it until Episode 5 or so[]
  5. der[]
  6. hence Grey’s Anatomy[]
  7. I think the Strategic Response Unit is the Canadian version of the SWAT team[]
  8. except for yesterday, thanks to the Emmys[]
  9. but perfect at the same time[]
  10. if I could watch Are you smarter than a 5 year old, I’d prefer that[]
  11. as you can I’ve already broken my own rule[]
  12. because I don’t have time to properly put this in somewhere[]


I LOVE this show. And now, thanks to a website that shall remain linkless. I can watch all the episodes I want everyday! I only hope that I don’t catch up to the actual shows because then I’ll have to go back to just watching once a week!

Addiction is weird though isn’t it? I mean I’m the type of person that can go my months without something… but then once I get it again, I’ll want it all the time! Like this show. Or alcohol. Or chocolate. Or sex. hehe

What kind of addict are you?