Love a Heart: Buy a date, save lives.

For the last two years, I spent Valentine’s Day in search of love or at the very least I was having fun in my singledom. One of the most fun things I’ve done in said singledom is stand up on stage and allow myself to be sold at the extremely conscious-healthy human auction Love a Heart. This year I am no longer in search of love but you bet I will be spending Valentine’s Eve morally supporting these brave souls.

Facebook Events | Love a Heart
Here’s my favourite photo of myself from last year’s auction.
Photo by Chris Luckhardt. Click on the photo to learn more about him.

Love a Heart, entering into it’s fourth year, has raised over $30,000k for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. So what makes this auction better than any other auction you’ve seen before? I’m not sure I could pinpoint one specific thing so I’ll talk about all of them. First, let’s get the ‘how it works’ straight: you bid on a person; if you win the bid for a date with said person, you pay the organizers then you meet and you talk and exchange contact information. All proceeds go to the Heart & Stroke foundation so they keep us all healthy and happy! Woo hoo!

In no particular order:

loveaheart 2014 ladies
Brandie Martin, Keli Carneiro, Jamie-Leigh Cuthertson, Alison Michelle, Rochelle Latinsky, Katie Boland, Chrissy Newton, Lauren O’Neill, Amanda Connon Unda, Rayanne Langdon

1. The bachelor/ettes are stellar. I mean just look at them!

loveaheart 2014 gents
Ian Barnett, Jon Simonassi, McGee Maddox, Jason Agnew, Yaw Attuah, Jason Carlin, Jon Crowley, Jeff Maynard, Jay Davis, Phil Faubert

Each one comes with their own date package so you don’t have to do any of the work trying to come up with what to do; because really, who likes doing that anyway? If you want to know more about any of these lovely folk, just click on either of the collages – it’ll take you to the Facebook event page that tells all.

2. The auctionees/hosts have always been fantastically entertaining. In previous years, the event was hosted by the equally hilarious, witty and charming Shawn Hawaii & Shannon Kelly. This year for a different flavour of fabulous, the sexy1 duo known as Nat & Marie will be taking the stage; pressuring you to bid more money. I can’t wait to watch them in action!

nat and marie

3. The date packages are sure to be outstanding. Last year there was pole dancing and sushi2, and so many more. I’ll be honest that I can’t remember any of the other dates for many reasons that are uninteresting to reveal at this point in time. According to the event page, some of the dates so far this year will include: Tickets to Mirvish Productions‘ Arrabal, a $150 Gift Certificate to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, 2x 5th row Raptor Tickets from Hôtel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square, a $50 Gift Certificate to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, a $100 Gift Certificate to Flight Centre Canada and tickets to the Beer Makes History Better tour from Urban Adventures. Mind you, there won’t be a gazillion activities per date but you’re sure to get at least one or two per date. And that’s more than enough when you consider your money is going to a charity whose sole purpose is keeping us all alive.

4. The sponsors on board have some awesome offers, some of whom were already mentioned in point number 3:

Off-site sponsors3:
Rent Frock Repeat offering: 10% of your Rental Price will be donated to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Lou Dawg's offering: 10% off your meal (must provide proof of purchase of your ticket to the event).
In venue sponsors4:
Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Sugarwink Cupcakes Snapshot Magnets
Motives Cosmetics

 loveaheart 2014 poster

Where you need to be: The Hideout Toronto
Where’s that? 484 Queen St W, Toronto
When you should be there: February 13th at 8:00 p.m. 
How much to get in the door: $55
Can I purchase tickets in advance? Oh yes you can:

Important things:
The Auction Starts at 9:30PM 
There is a minimum bid of $25 per bachelor/ette.

So, see you there right?

  1. also hilarious, witty and charming[]
  2. that could have been your date, if you had bid and won a date with yours truly[]
  3. they will be there in spirit, i am sure of it[]
  4. you’ll have to attend to see what they’re offering[]
  5. at the door[]

Look Ma! I’m going to be on the internet again!

No, I don’t mean that I’m going to sit in front of my computer all night and play on the internet. Oh wait, I will! Except I’ll ALSO be ON the internet. Get it? You get it.

I remember sometime ago, I was on the show with my wifey1 and we looked so cute while we were there. Mostly Christine but me too.

fragileheart <3s Nat & Marie

Anyway, tonight I’ll be joining the cast & crew of Nat and Marie in their awesome studio for a livestream of INTERNETAINMENT. It’s highly interactive because we love social just that much, so here are a few ways you can take part if you’re available between 8:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. EST tonight:

  1. Watch the show tonight 8:30pm at
  2. Call in with a question for our guests on Skype to NatandMarieSHOW
  3. Chat with @FragileHeart and @TaCaGo in the #NatandMarie chat on Twitter
  4. Share with your friends that our show is going live!
Bill and Sons Towing
Photo copyright: Bill and Sons Towing

Of course, it isn’t enough that I’m going to be there with people like DJ Romeo, Tanya, Nat & Marie, and their awesome crew but you can also watch tonight’s guests, The guys from Bill and Sons Towing2 and Steph Guthrie.

See you soon!

  1. *tears* MISS YOU!![]
  2. So, Trailer Park Boys meets tow-truck-drivers[]

Like two socks in a drawer: Manpacks + Nat & Marie = A win for you!

I love superheroes. I have my favourite1 but in all honesty they’re all freakin’ fantastic. The X-Men cartoons were one of my favourite to watch while growing up and I was obsessed with Heroes when it was on2. So when I found out that the fantastic Nat & Marie crew3 were hosting a contest and using promo videos that featured three local superheroes, I had to write about it. Watch their contest promo video below and have some fun:

So what is Manpacks anyway? Manpacks is a handy service that lets you pick out all your need to have items (deodorant,  socks, underwear, hangover pills, etc) and mails it to your door every 3 months. Or as their facebook about line reads, “Like if Netflix and iTunes had a baby that sold underwear”. Clever.

Do you know a guy that needs Manpacks? Are you a guy who needs Manpacks? Are you a girl who loves using guy goodies? Then this contest is for you!

Nat & Marie have teamed up with Manpacks to give away one FREE 1 YEAR subscription to the service of your choice! How awesomesauce is that? I know, it’s pretty damn awesomesauce. You’re going to have to do some fun-work to win this contest. Pronto. The winner will be announced July 18th. That’s less than two weeks from today, what are you waiting for? Oh, right. Contest details.

To enter:

B-b-b-but I’m camera shy, can I still enter the contest?
In true Nat & Marie fashion4, they’ve thought of you too! If you’re too shy to make a video, take a pic, send them a haiku in a Tweet with the hashtag #manpacks, and answer the question, “What’s in your Manpacks?” and you’ll be entered!

This is a sweet prize, trust me, it’s just shy of $1K worth of stuff – that’s one monster of a prize and it could be yours! On July 18 during the broadcast of Nat&Marie they will announce the winner LIVE at so be sure to tune in at 9PM EST.

What’s in your Manpacks?

  1. a secret I will keep forever. And by forever, I mean, until you guess correctly[]
  2. cue obsession with Milo Ventimiglia[]
  3. see what I did there? if you do not well, shit[]
  4. they don’t like to exclude anybody and love sharing the love, duh[]

Reflecting on my DefineTO experience

Where there is good heart, there are good times to be had. It’s no secret that DefineTO was a very different event than [the event that everyone is comparing it to from] last year. I wish I could run you through the night but I was dealing with some personal demons that night so I got there pretty late.

I was only a little nervous about having to defend my title as reigning champion of Nat&Marie‘s Karaoke Twidol Challenge. I lost. But only by a lot of votes. Jameel totally deserved to win though – don’t you worry about it. He also says he’s retiring while he’s still on top. Not I. I’ll be back next year.

In case you’re interested, I sang No Doubt’s Don’t Speak. It was very Emo. I made people cry. It was good.

Even though I missed some of it, I happen to know that they had some pretty awesome activities throughout the night like a Draw Something Contest (!!!), a Kissing Booth with Saul Colt & Casie Stewart. Damn it.. I could have definitely been kissed that night. Ah wells.

I did get to see performances from The Remix Project and Ryan Creelman who were all so very good.

I also got to play around with sweetgif. What’s sweetgif? It’s an app that allows you to make your own gifs with the simple click of a button. Best of all, it’ll be ready to share on the internet in milliseconds. Here are a few from DefineTO:

So. Much. Fun. Check out more sweetgifs on their website, and heck: make your own. Get wild!

I enjoyed myself greatly and want to congratulate Melissa, Fahima & their awesome team on a job well done. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

More sweetgifs from DefineTO featuring yours truly and a few other gorgeous people: