Wishing you a Happy Christmas 11

Today is the day I have been waiting for since my parent’s anniversary on Dec 7. I love this day. And even though my Mum was talking about going to a friend’s party on Christmas Day, I’m glad I was able to convince her not to go. Yesterday we drove out here to Niagara Falls1 to stay at a hotel and enjoy some fancy in-room whirlpool action. I would have […]

Anniversaries, Chinese food & a mini contest 10

Tomorrow, my parents are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. We’re going to lunch at our favourite Chinese Restaurant, New Ho King to celebrate their anniversary. Its become quite the tradition to eat there for every special occasion that comes our family’s way. It was originally introduced to me by the one and only1. One I shared it with my parents and brother, they quickly fell in love with it too2. There […]

Flickr Friday: With each cough, my heart breaks just a little 9

This photo was taken at the same summer as this one, when my Parents and I went to Leslie Pitt to go cycling. I love these because its one of the many photos that reminds me of the great time that my parents and I had cycling around there. It also reminds me of a time when  my parents were less fragile1. I got a dose of reality last […]

Reflections of a fragile heart 17

I suppose its a bit ironic that I picked the name fragileheart and that it has stuck for so long, because in actuality I’m not that fragile at all. Sure, I get emotional but I’m not, and never will be, weak1. I’m not perfect, nor do I want to be. Perfect is boring. Making mistakes makes life exciting, though that doesn’t mean I make them on purpose. I try to […]