I might as well milk it

I doubt I’ll get a chance to be featured in BlogTO’s Street Style again in my life time so I thought I’m scrapbooking here for my future self’s viewing pleasure.

I woke up feeling pretty sick that day and then had to work a few hours of retail before I went to the Bacardi party. They were celebrating 150 years of making rum with a 1920’s prohibition-style party. The bartenders and servers were dressed like gangster of yesteryear1.

Paul was lovely and made me laugh quite a bit throughout the night. He gave great direction too; I wonder what happened to the photo with the teeth-smile; I could have sworn he said he liked it better. Zah-well.

I’d like to thank my wife Christine for taking me as her plus one. If it weren’t for you Chrissy, I wouldn’t even have been there. She’s the bombshell in the photo on the right in case you didn’t know who she was2.

If anyone really wants to know about my outfit, I’ll tell you but it isn’t that impressive3. 😉

One of my favourite photos from the night though? See below!

In case you don’t know who the hot guy on the right is, that’s Julio Reyes.

  1. and looking pretty damn fine to boot[]
  2. as if[]
  3. I’m a bargain hunter[]

Just another reason to love Stella

Good ol’ Stella. I have been following along with them more closely since La Societe was on everyone’s beaks1 last year and after they threw the super awesome, super secret Underground party in the old Bay Subway station and I thought I was completely sold.

But their latest campaign that got people talking about how their Street Teams were giving away complimentary samples of their beer just made me love them even more… add to that how amazing anyone on the Stella Street Team2 and they’ve found themselves a fan for life in me.

And you know what happens when you love a brand right? They love you right back and I have some lovin’ to give right back to you, my darling readers, by way of TWO lovely Stella Artois Legere t-shirts designed by Toronto artist Dave Murray. You can see what it looks like in the pictures below… once the winner is picked, we’ll talk sizing.

Oh but that’s not all – I’ve ALSO got two pairs of passes to the Block Party on August 13th that I am sure will be super awesome3. Side note: I’m going on the assumption here that you know that #downtown won the race for hosting this block party and my id and I would like to think that I had something to do with it but my ego knows better.

TO QUALIFY we must be friends on facebook so add me up. Please include a message to tell me that you’re a reader of my blog and that you want to add me to enter the contest4. After you’ve done that, you’ll want to give the ol’ thumbs up to Stella Artois Legere’s Facebook page. because I will be checking and I’m sorry to say but you can’t win if you haven’t given ‘er.

After that? I’m afraid you’ll just have to watch my news feed on Facebook to see how you can actually win these things. What, and you thought this was going to be easy? Clearly you don’t know me at all5.


I’m going to leave you with some details about the block party:
DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2011
TIME: 8pm-midnight
LOCATION: 525 King Street West (West side of Starbucks, South side of King street)

(The party will be for 600 people, entrance is subject to capacity. Now, anyone of legal drinking age or older can RSVP to get on the guest list – all you have to do is go to Stella Artois Legere’s Facebook page. If you’ve already RSVP’d, no need to enter6 but feel free to anyway).

  1. so you know, on twitter[]
  2. the light taste of the beer helps too[]
  3. if I’m going to base my expectations on the secret subway party and the awesomeness of that event[]
  4. I’d explain why but I’m sure you understand[]
  5. I don’t blame you, I’m pretty introverted[]
  6. or even add me to Facebook right?[]

Sometimes A+B+C = L


Photo courtesy of Svetlana.

What does it mean to you? To me it means a time to remember all the ways you want to be a better person1. In a way, Dec 1st2 marks the beginning of a ‘New Year’. Christmas is about acceptance. Christmas is about respect. Christmas is about love and understanding. Even if you don’t feel like you’re getting a lot of any of these things. Because you should never give of anything of these things with the expectation that you will get any in return. Yes, it would be nice but if you only do something because you hope that you get it back in return then you’re doing it wrong. Do it because simply doing it makes YOU happy. And if it doesn’t? Well, shit son I haven’t a clue.

Last christmas3 was possibly one of the worst Christmasses I ever had to endure. It was a character building sort of period. And this year… I decided I would not let that happen. And the best way I know to get into the Christmas spirit is to bake. Now, it’s all well and good to bake for cookies but if I knew my motivation this year I knew I’d need a big push to get off my ass and actually bake cookies. I would have thrown a dinner party but my place is too small for that. I was going to throw a cocktail party but that’s been done. So I put a spin on it: Appetizers, Beverages and Cookies. You bring your own A & B and I’ll provide the C. And the Love will come naturally… and come it did4!

There was such a wonderful collection of people who attended that I can’t help but feel blessed to have such amazing people in my life. And before I leave you with the pictures, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out and filling my home with such love and cheer. Next time, let’s go paint-balling to balance things out ok?


Photo courtesy of Dan

Photo courtesy of Lucy

Photo courtesy of Scotty

Photo courtesy of Chris

There may or may not be video evidence courtesy of Mr Sean Ward. Speaking of Mr Ward, did you know he’s putting on a great show on Monday December 20th5 – see the amazing flyer below for details! You can also click the flyer to go to the facebook event page!

Thanks again to the wonderful guests of #ABCme for giving me one of my favourite holiday memories to add to existing ones.

What are some of your favourite holiday memories?

Edited Dec 14 11:01pm: I forgot to add photo credits! Added now.
  1. for life, not just one month[]
  2. for me anyway[]
  3. I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…. this year, to save me from tears I’ll give it to someone special…[]
  4. that’s what she said[]
  5. *ahem* That I may or may not be performing in[]

fragilefashion: a look at clothing swaps

On a bit of a whim, I’m starting a new series of posts which will be on a strictly random posting schedule. They will be based on how much I like my outfit that day and will therefore be largely based on my mood. I’d like to take this time to credit Miss Tique/Lepoque of Guilty Pleasures who planted the seed in my head for this series of posts1.

I’m starting out with my outfit today which I just happened to put on in the daze that I was in this morning. But as I saw myself in the mirror in the bathroom over and over again, I decided it was worth a snap.

I got this lovely item at the most recent clothing swap I attended. What is a clothing swap, you ask? It’s a gathering of women where each person attending brings articles of clothing, shoes, accessories2 that they no longer want but feel are still too good to throw out. Once all attendees are present, the clothes are segregated into piles of like items and everyone is free to browse and choose what they wish. You’re basically swapping clothes ((and what not)) with other people and there is no cost to you3.

Once the swap is finished and unwanted articles are taken to the hosts’ charity of choice to be donated. The only person who’s swap I’ve attended has always donated to The Red Door family shelter because they do not profit from the donations they receive.

I think clothing swaps are great for someone like me who likes to get new things but doesn’t make the money to continually go shopping. I think this skirt is the perfect artifact to proof my point.

Have you ever been to a clothing swap?

  1. boys, you can bash her if you like but she’s a tough one so beware[]
  2. and sometimes household items[]
  3. unless you count the booze that is usually consumed at these events[]