Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, 2013!

Well, I guess that’s it. Isn’t it? This year is finally behind us. I’ve never looked forward for a year to end so much as I have this year. This year was the worst year out of all the years of life. And yet a lot of wonderful things happened1; I guess it just goes to show that there is always good that will come out of a bad situation. I just wish there had been more good this year than bad.

The things I wish to never forget about 2013:

1. That time I was in the pilot episode of a reality TV show called, Come Date With Me on the W Network.

Still from Come Date With Me Canada

2. Being auctioned off at Love a Heart2. Photo credit: Chris Luckhardt.

Facebook Events | Love a Heart

3. Stage Managing for Canadian Music Week and meeting #LeBeau, Garret3.

Canadian Music Week Stage Manager

4. Stage Managing for North By North East and meeting Sloan. Sorry no pictures.
5. Getting a brand new family member, Drogo.

Drogo Sy!

6. Having a custom vine made just for me by Cyrstal Light Canada.

Facebook | Crystal Light Canada | Weird & Wonderful You

7. Assistant Stage Managing for Pride and getting to meet and work with En Vogue.

En Vogue at Pride 2013

8. Going to Cunt Cottage and having an amazing weekend away from the city.

9. Working for TIFF and getting to see some stars up-close-and-personal-like. No pictures, because I want to be able to work there again in 2014.
10. Going on a boat cruise with Shannon & the gang courtesy of Crazy Uncle. No pictures because I have no idea what I did with the pictures from that cruise. Oops.
11. Volunteering for TEDxToronto4.

TEDxToronto 2013

12. Being in a feature film that won an award at TOIndieFF2013, was part of the official selection at DIFF2013 and reviewed here.

Unhappy Happy Still
13. Working on the 48 hour film project where our team won Best Ensemble Cast.

Hashtag Bougie Productions

13. Meeting and falling in love with #LeBeau’s two daughters5. No pictures, of course. They’re too wittle.
14. Celebrating Christmas with our families and getting 2nd Christmas with the girls. Also no pictures, because I’m a spoil sport like that.
15. Being able to celeberate my birthday & the holidays with some really awesome friends. Again; no pictures, because we didn’t take a group photo and there are too many great ones to choose from.
16. Getting to keep in touch with my wifey, Christine Estima even though she’s a gazillion miles away.

Last but not least…
17. Getting to do this fun photoshoot for Ford Canada with the ever-sexy, Ford Fiesta, Marie & Brock.

Date Night with the Ford Fiesta

Shopping fun with Marie & the Ford Fiesta

I’m not at all interested in re-living the past that was this horrible year, so I won’t go into any details about it. I would rather look forward with hope and excitement for what 2014 might have to bring. I can only hope that it’ll be a good year because if my own personal history has taught me anything 2015 is set to be another doozy. You see, there’s something about years that end in zeros and fives – they don’t like me very much. I had a terrible 1995, I can’t say 2000 was any better, 2005 was horrible, 2010 was another nightmare year… mind you, they were all bad for heartbreak but not much else.

Anyway, that’s a whole 365 days away. For now, here’s hoping that in 2014, I…:

  • …no longer have to worry about how I’m going to pay for groceries or laundry.
  • …can actually afford to meet up with friends at least once a week.
  • …find the energy to get off my ass and start exercising again.
  • …will visit my parents and cook for them more often.
  • …will stop worrying about things that I really have no control over.
  • …can reconnect with some old friends who I miss but have drifted away from, for no good reason. And stay connected.
  • …get to go camping twice – once with the family, and once with the man and/or friends.
  • …get to visit somewhere I have never been.
  • …write more for this blog.
  • …learn how to make a Filipino dish I have never made before, but love to eat.

And that’s about it. I had a longer list but I’ve cut it down some in an attempt to be a little more realistic with my resolutions. I didn’t make any resolutions for 2013 because at this age, I’m kind of over them. Since 2013 was such a bad year though, I needed some things to look forward to. And these are some of the more important things I’m looking forward to for this New Year.


What are you looking forward to in 2014?

  1. I met Garret this year after all[]
  2. an annual favourite[]
  3. Nope. Not his real name[]
  4. another annual favourite[]
  5. and finally having children in my life. wee![]

4 days to go and a Christmas contest

This is *Christmas*. The season of perpetual hope. And I don’t care if I have to get out on your runway and hitchhike. If it costs me everything I own, if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself, I am going to get home to my son.

I LOVE this time of year. I love all the lights and smiles on people’s faces. I don’t know exactly what it is but there’s a certain warmth in the air. With four days to go, I have a few things left to check off on my Christmas to do list but the most important ones on that list are people I have to see. This weekend, I spent some quality time with two of my favourite girls. There would have been four of us but May1 is still in Thunder Bay until Monday so I won’t see her this Christmas. I left her a little present with Cathy1 so hopefully she’ll be able to give it to her.

Earlier last week I met one of my oldest friends Bear2 as it was his birthday on the 17th. I skimped out a bit and got him one present for both Christmas and his birthday but I knew he wouldn’t mind since we were going to spend some time together anyway.

I have yet to meet up with an old friend of mine from University this year, who gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Actually, she hasn’t really returned any of my facebook messages or phone calls since she’s given birth so I might just have to show up on her doorstep one weekend in January… here’s hoping she’ll be home! HEH If you’re reading, Andrea1, I completely understand how busy it can be with a new little one so I’ll still be here for you whenever you can find your way back to me.

Happy Christmas!

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][][]
  2. name has been slightly changed to protect the innocent[]

Christmas is a time for giving

Recently, my friend, April1 wrote a post questioning whether she had lost her Christmas spirit. I answered that the Christmas spirit2 isn’t about the gifts and the decor but its about the time you spend with each other and the goodwill you share with everybody3.

I know that sounds hypocritical of me to say, considering I’m all about my decorations and gifts, but I only do what I do because I’m able to. If I wasn’t able to do all these things, I would still have a Happy Christmas as long as I can warm myself up in the love of the wonderful people that are around me all year-round.

We hear it all the time, but we never actually test out the theory, that time is the best gift we can give anybody. If instead of decorating your home, and cooking special meals and going shopping for Christmas presents, we all just went to visit each other and spent quality time with each other instead just think how much happier we would all be.

So this Christmas, think about someone you haven’t gone to see in a while and give them a call. Even if you just spend 20 minutes of your day on the phone catching up it could be the best gift you could give them this year.

Will you make time for people this year?

  1. who has rejoined the blogging world after a 1 year hiatus[]
  2. despite what the commercial world has been trying to brian-wash us into thinking[]
  3. friends, acquaintances, strangers and enemies alike[]

Countdown to Christmas: Some helpful online tools

The last post covered some great crafty ideas for Christmas gifts and with exactly 14 days1 till Christmas I thought I would share some neat online tools and articles I found to help you with your Christmas Celebrations:

Staying Green during the Holidays

  • While googling around for e-cards, I happened upon Christmas Lights Advice which had an article featuring this ultra cool tool that can help you figure out how much your electricity bill may be for the Christmas season. You do have to know what type of bulbs you’re using so it may or may not be a cool find for you but it was a cool find for me!
  • Planet green has highlighted 15 gifts that we all receive but no one ever likes to get and I think we should all take a look at the list and maybe even spread the wealth2 that this article has to offer; I agree with all but one – gift cards. I like receiving gift cards but on the exception that they’re gift cards that I can use anywhere or for a store that I actually shop in. One year, I remember getting a gift card for M*A*C cosmetics and I was a little annoyed since I didn’t wear make up. But it started the ball rolling, now I can’t get enough MAC!
  • And of course, there is treehugger’s Holiday Gift Guide separated into categories!

Gift Guides/Wishlists

  • Don’t care about staying green3 but still want some other ideas for Christmas presents? You can check out All Things Christmas! I think the site’s title says it all really.
  • Have you ever had anyone pester you for a wishlist, and when you give them your list they come back with, ‘Where can I buy these things on your list?’ Well, hopefully you won’t have that problem if you put your wishlist online with either of these two wonderful online wishlist tools: Wishlistr4 and Boxedup which only has one advantage over Wishlistr of allowing you to attach pictures to your wishlist items.

Cards and E-Cards
It might a bit late to start thinking about Cards but its never too late to send e-cards5 but there are plenty of online sites that can help you create customized Christmas cards without ever having to open up photoshop. Or if you don’t have to send or give out Christmas cards and don’t want to bother with the crowds at the shops, you can try:

  • – I’m not sure they allow you to print the cards, they may mail them to you instead.
  • Presentation Helper – These cards you can print from the comfort of your own ink jet printer at home. You may need to have card stock on hand6 or you could probably get away with using regular paper.

Christmas Carols

  • Did you plan a party and forget to plan the music? Have no fear, you can download free Christmas MP3s from Feels like Christmas!
  • Another alternative is to download some family friendly Christmas Carols Lyrics and song clips in real audio from

Do you have any secret weapons you’d like to share with me?

  1. despite what the countdown clock says[]
  2. of knowledge[]
  3. shame on you! hehe I’m joking – I won’t judge[]
  4. I’ve reviewed their service before[]
  5. ok, maybe after Christmas is too late[]
  6. if you’re a perfectionist like me[]