Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, 2013!

Well, I guess that’s it. Isn’t it? This year is finally behind us. I’ve never looked forward for a year to end so much as I have this year. This year was the worst year out of all the years of life. And yet a lot of wonderful things happened1; I guess it just goes to show that there is always good that will come out of a bad situation. I just wish there had been more good this year than bad.

The things I wish to never forget about 2013:

1. That time I was in the pilot episode of a reality TV show called, Come Date With Me on the W Network.

Still from Come Date With Me Canada

2. Being auctioned off at Love a Heart2. Photo credit: Chris Luckhardt.

Facebook Events | Love a Heart

3. Stage Managing for Canadian Music Week and meeting #LeBeau, Garret3.

Canadian Music Week Stage Manager

4. Stage Managing for North By North East and meeting Sloan. Sorry no pictures.
5. Getting a brand new family member, Drogo.

Drogo Sy!

6. Having a custom vine made just for me by Cyrstal Light Canada.

Facebook | Crystal Light Canada | Weird & Wonderful You

7. Assistant Stage Managing for Pride and getting to meet and work with En Vogue.

En Vogue at Pride 2013

8. Going to Cunt Cottage and having an amazing weekend away from the city.

9. Working for TIFF and getting to see some stars up-close-and-personal-like. No pictures, because I want to be able to work there again in 2014.
10. Going on a boat cruise with Shannon & the gang courtesy of Crazy Uncle. No pictures because I have no idea what I did with the pictures from that cruise. Oops.
11. Volunteering for TEDxToronto4.

TEDxToronto 2013

12. Being in a feature film that won an award at TOIndieFF2013, was part of the official selection at DIFF2013 and reviewed here.

Unhappy Happy Still
13. Working on the 48 hour film project where our team won Best Ensemble Cast.

Hashtag Bougie Productions

13. Meeting and falling in love with #LeBeau’s two daughters5. No pictures, of course. They’re too wittle.
14. Celebrating Christmas with our families and getting 2nd Christmas with the girls. Also no pictures, because I’m a spoil sport like that.
15. Being able to celeberate my birthday & the holidays with some really awesome friends. Again; no pictures, because we didn’t take a group photo and there are too many great ones to choose from.
16. Getting to keep in touch with my wifey, Christine Estima even though she’s a gazillion miles away.

Last but not least…
17. Getting to do this fun photoshoot for Ford Canada with the ever-sexy, Ford Fiesta, Marie & Brock.

Date Night with the Ford Fiesta

Shopping fun with Marie & the Ford Fiesta

I’m not at all interested in re-living the past that was this horrible year, so I won’t go into any details about it. I would rather look forward with hope and excitement for what 2014 might have to bring. I can only hope that it’ll be a good year because if my own personal history has taught me anything 2015 is set to be another doozy. You see, there’s something about years that end in zeros and fives – they don’t like me very much. I had a terrible 1995, I can’t say 2000 was any better, 2005 was horrible, 2010 was another nightmare year… mind you, they were all bad for heartbreak but not much else.

Anyway, that’s a whole 365 days away. For now, here’s hoping that in 2014, I…:

  • …no longer have to worry about how I’m going to pay for groceries or laundry.
  • …can actually afford to meet up with friends at least once a week.
  • …find the energy to get off my ass and start exercising again.
  • …will visit my parents and cook for them more often.
  • …will stop worrying about things that I really have no control over.
  • …can reconnect with some old friends who I miss but have drifted away from, for no good reason. And stay connected.
  • …get to go camping twice – once with the family, and once with the man and/or friends.
  • …get to visit somewhere I have never been.
  • …write more for this blog.
  • …learn how to make a Filipino dish I have never made before, but love to eat.

And that’s about it. I had a longer list but I’ve cut it down some in an attempt to be a little more realistic with my resolutions. I didn’t make any resolutions for 2013 because at this age, I’m kind of over them. Since 2013 was such a bad year though, I needed some things to look forward to. And these are some of the more important things I’m looking forward to for this New Year.


What are you looking forward to in 2014?

  1. I met Garret this year after all[]
  2. an annual favourite[]
  3. Nope. Not his real name[]
  4. another annual favourite[]
  5. and finally having children in my life. wee![]

The New Year

New Year’s eve arrived way too quickly for my liking as I hadn’t seen anyone that I had planned on seeing during my visit. Also, the evening didn’t seem to hold the same excitement as it had in the past, but I was hopeful it would turn around. In previous years, a group of about 30 or so would travel to another part of Ireland, rent holiday homes and celebrate New Year’s in a big way – together. This year, the groups’ couples were split doing various things and it felt strange. Of course in the end none of that mattered, I was just glad to be celebrating yet another New Year’s with him. The blur that was that night leads me to believe that my hope wasn’t wasted and that the evening did turn around. I also like to think that further proof of this was the hangover I was nursing the next day… *smirk*

While we may have wasted the 1st of January sitting around watching TV1 and looking at apartments in Toronto that we may or may not be able to live in, I think we made up for it the next day. We got up early2 and headed back to the shops. We did better that the last time but still managed to run out of time so we planned to go back in another day3 After a quick dinner back at his parents’ house, we headed off to the Leinster match against Connacht. Oh, how I miss Rugby. Sitting in the cold, freezing your buns off, yelling at the top of your lungs and trying to keep an eye on the ball while its under a pile of large men. All the while knowing that something great could be about to happen right in front of your eyes.

The next night was another exciting one for me, we had planned to have dinner with two other couples who consist of some very dear friends. One especially is someone I have mentioned before, and someone I hope to call my bestfriend. In fact one of my resolutions is to try and call her at least twice a month so we can chat on the phone and catch up properly. The evening started off a big rocky as I took too long to get ready and we had our only fight of the entire holiday, but it quickly dissolved as we had great conversation with our dear friends over drinks before dinner. The dinner was delicious and extremely affordable4 and to end my evening off well, we all shared a delicious vanilla orange crème brûlée as we enjoyed or espresso based beverages.

Another short walk and we were in one of our favourite haunts, Rush5, and for the first time it was practically empty. The end of the night came too quickly, but I just assured myself I would be back again soon. Of course, I was drunk and gullible so I believed myself quite easily and hopped into the taxi he hailed for us.

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  1. actually, I packed most of things back into my suitcases that day[]
  2. he will fight me on this because it was later than he wanted to get up hehe[]
  3. or was that my plan all along?[]
  4. considering Dublin’s extraordinarily high prices[]
  5. the nightclub, not the town[]
  6. you are here[]

The gift

The hotel itself was only a two storey building, I could see how it earned its four star rating even though it looked and felt like a large B&B1. Before checking in, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and do a little sightseeing so we headed down to Powerscourt and admired The Waterfall and took a walk in The Gardens. While the waterfall was no Niagara Falls, it was still quite beautiful and I wish there hadn’t been so many people there so we could have taken more photos together.

After checking into the hotel, we kept ourselves busy for a little2 while then started getting ready for dinner. He had booked us into the hotel restaurant for dinner that night. Getting ready to go out with him reminded me of living with him, and of how I can’t wait to do so again. We got all dressed up and walked downstairs to eat like a King & Queen. After dinner, we had some drinks downstairs and talked… I love talking to him. My horrible memory prevents me from remembering what exactly it was that we talked about, not that it matters anyway.

The next day consisted of a great day of breakfast, massages3, more swimming & hot tubbing, dinner at an Italian restaurant in the neighbouring town and an early bedtime. The next day we checked out of paradise and headed into Dublin City Centre to undo all the relaxation we had spent the last two days achieving ((shopping)). That night, his Mum was preparing a big family dinner so we quickly ran out of time at the shops so we planned go back another day.

His family is so wonderful and I’m so happy that his Dad has finally warmed up to me. So much so that he usually makes jokes teasing me about one thing or another, and I take that to mean something really special when it comes from a man who still insists on shaking my hand when he greets me after I just arrived in from Toronto. One of the things I look forward to the most when I’m visiting Dublin are the delicious meals that his Mum cooks. I know everyone says that their Mum is the best cook, but he doesn’t even have to lie! She’s an amazing cook and she spoils me so much when I’m over there. 3 course meals for ever dinner that I’m there for; is it any wonder I gained weight while I was living in Dublin?

After dessert, when our bellies were full of glorious food & wine, she mentioned to me that she was going to miss him so much when he moves over here. And I could see it in her eyes that the words she used were an understatement of how much she was going to miss him. I insisted that she come to visit as soon as they can, and that we would certainly try our best to come back and visit.

Soon after we headed out to the Yellow House4 to meet up with a few friends for some more drinks which ended the night quite perfectly for me. We walked home together afterwards, talking about anything and everything that came to mind… it was wonderful.

Posts in this series:
Part 1: The holiday.
Part 2: The gift5.
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  1. which is a wonderful thing[]
  2. we went swimming in the hotel’s indoor pool, you perverts[]
  3. an hour & a half hot stone massage for me and a one hour Swedish massage for him[]
  4. oh, how I missed that pub[]
  5. you are here[]

The holiday

I much about the flight over but I do remember that as soon as I landed in London, I knew I was that much closer to him. It didn’t even matter that my connecting flight was delayed by 40 mins because I would soon be in his arms again. *sigh* his arms. His strong, comfortable and safe arms. God, how I missed those arms.

Desperation hit when I was in the queue for customs for almost an hour, but hearing his voice made everything melt away. “You won’t recognise me”, he teased. I assured him I would recognise him even if he got some work1 done. The bright side was that having to stand in a long line at customs meant that when I arrived at the baggage carousel, both my bags were there waiting for me. I barely noticed that no one else’s bags were there as I whizzed by them, running towards the exit. The guard at the door might have thought I was trying to smuggle something into the country, if I didn’t have the biggest grin on my face.

An equally large grin greeted me as those arms that I missed so much wrapped themselves around me. I was home again. I wanted to hold him forever but I’m sure I must have smelled a bit unpleasant even if not at first, so I let him go and give him a big ol’ kiss. Ah, those lips. Soft and so delicious.

We talked about the flight, and the long queue at customs… he joked that it was really me holding up the line2. We also talked about Christmas and our families and how everyone is doing. And then he told me what my Christmas present was, and I knew it was going to be the best holiday I had ever been on. I was so happy, and so incredibly grateful for the man I was sitting beside. But the happiness was quickly overcome with guilt, because I wasn’t able to get him one big present like I wanted. I got him a bunch of medium presents3 and a lot of little presents. But I didn’t get him a big present, and here he was presenting me with a ginormous4 present.

I didn’t let on because I didn’t want him to know until he had seen all his presents, but I was hoping he would understand. We got to his parents place where we were to stay for the night and I was greeted with a lovely warm house, and warm smiles from his sister and Mum. I also received a wonderful hug from his Mum and I swear I nearly cried. After eating some scrambled eggs on toast, I got him to help me drag my suitcases into their sitting room so I could start handing out presents. He and I quickly put together piles for everyone before we called them in. I had wanted to wrap their presents but I knew from his excitement that there was no point.

“OTT5” was something his father kept repeating, and I took that to mean that he was very happy with his presents. It felt so good to give them their presents, I had been so nervous about what to get them since the day I booked my flights in October. Once everyone dispersed, he and I were left to pick up the pieces and drag my suitcases up to the room I was staying in.

Once unpacked I explained to him that I wanted to get him more, but the darling insisted that I had gotten him plenty6 and he insisted that my present included a bit of indulgence for him as well so I shouldn’t feel so bad. But I did. And I hope I can make up for it before this year is over. I slept like a baby that night…

Posts in this series:
Part 1: The holiday7.
Part 2: The gift.
Part 3: The New Year.
Part 4: Flickr Friday: The never-ending journey.
Part 5: Even the never-ending journey has to end sometime.

  1. plastic surgery kinda work[]
  2. long story, I might tell you some day[]
  3. Friends reference there for anyone who cares[]
  4. yes, that’s a word – in my world[]
  5. I can only hope he meant over the top[]
  6. to this day, I disagree[]
  7. you are here[]