Movember wants you to rock your ‘stache on November 29th

Adam Garone brought Movember to North America in 2007 but it didn’t take off until 2010. It may have taken us 3 years to catch on to this great cause, but that’s all in the past. I’ve heard many people knock Movember because of how awful some men/boys look with their Mos; but really, we really just need to get over that part. After watching Adam talk at TEDxToronto […]

rockin' stache poster

Stella Artois Legere Block Party by Lauren O'Nizzle

“What a lovely evening for a Block Party” indeed! 1

(Quote in the title was a tweet I remembered but I couldn’t find the original tweet -my bad!) It was a fun-filled evening and I’m so happy it all worked out. There was a moment where I thought I wouldn’t be able to make the Stella Artois Legere Block Party this past Saturday. My colleagues and I had been wanting to attend a TFC match (huge thank you again […]

Just another reason to love Stella

Good ol’ Stella. I have been following along with them more closely since La Societe was on everyone’s beaks1 last year and after they threw the super awesome, super secret Underground party in the old Bay Subway station and I thought I was completely sold. But their latest campaign that got people talking about how their Street Teams were giving away complimentary samples of their beer just made me […]

I may or may not be a dork!

The hurt will stop eventually, it always does.

But I am still fragile 1

Someone asked me recently whether I would consider changing my name from fragileheart, because he thought I was a pretty strong person. I argued that I could never do that because I am so fond of and attached to the name that I enjoy it when people call me fragile instead of my real name1. My heart has been through a lot; I have put my heart through a […]