Movember wants you to rock your ‘stache on November 29th

Adam Garone brought Movember to North America in 2007 but it didn’t take off until 2010. It may have taken us 3 years to catch on to this great cause, but that’s all in the past. I’ve heard many people knock Movember because of how awful some men/boys look with their Mos; but really, we really just need to get over that part. After watching Adam talk at TEDxToronto last year, it was hard not to fall in love with the MOvement1.

It’s not just about prostate cancer, though it is immensely important to focus obviously; it’s about cancer. period. That’s why it warms my heart to see people like Caron Court and all her hard work to raise money for Movember. It’s also been great to see so many fundraisers pop up (and raise so much money already), I’m particularly looking forward to Rockin’ Stache because it’s centered around something that I never could say no to: Awesome, Canadian-grown music. Four fantastic bands will be playing on November 29th:

Brad Fillatre, who I met at Canadian Music Week earlier this year, will be starting the night off at 8pm. Followed by, at 8:45pm, Papermaps at 9:45pm and last but not least Graydon James & The Young Novelists at 10:45pm. Tickets are $13 in advance and $20 at the door; price points that should inspire you to buy tickets in advance but then again all proceeds go to Movember2 so it doesn’t matter in that sense.

You could also enter their weekly contest to win tickets! There are two ways to enter:

1. Facebook: Like the Rockin’ Stache Facebook Page and post a photo of you with your mo to the page.

2. Twitter: Follow @RockinStache, tweet them with a photo of you with your mo using the hashtag #streetstache.

One winner will be chosen every Wednesday. So enter as often as you like!

With a venue like the Great Hall where the atmosphere is cozy, the sound system is awesome and these bands playing their sweet sounds for us all night; you really don’t want to miss this!

Will I see you there?

  1. I may or may not have been spending too much time on imgur[]
  2. i.e. Cancer research[]

“What a lovely evening for a Block Party” indeed!

Stella Artois Legere Block Party by Lauren O'Nizzle

(Quote in the title was a tweet I remembered but I couldn’t find the original tweet -my bad!)

It was a fun-filled evening and I’m so happy it all worked out. There was a moment where I thought I wouldn’t be able to make the Stella Artois Legere Block Party this past Saturday. My colleagues and I had been wanting to attend a TFC match (huge thank you again to Jon Sinden!) for some time but for one reason or another the cosmos made it so we were only able to attend the game against Real Salt Lake which just happened to be at the same time as the party!

Growing up in Dubai, I don’t feel like I was able to experience what a true block party would have been like and in my eyes they did well. Anyone who was around me that night can attest to the fact that I ate 3 ice cream cones and bought 2 poutines1! If that isn’t indulging like a kid I don’t know what is! I do kind of wish they had a pop-corn machine but I think my cholesterol levels are grateful that they didn’t.

I cycled down from BMO field in my yellow summer dress and couldn’t help but smile at what I could see from the street; they did a great job turning the parking lot at 529 King Street West into what I would have envisioned an old fashioned Block Party would have been like2. They had a TTC bus parked beside a fire truck in one corner of the parking lot. Awesome musical acts lie Tom Wrecks and 1 LOVE TO did their thing from the roof of said fire truck and made me want to climb up and join them.

Upon entering all attendees were given two drink tickets, a red ticket and a blue ticket. The red ticket was redeemable for a soft-serve ice cream cone3 OR a slushie from the Ice Cream truck. The blue ticket was redeemable for poutine or french fries from the food truck. Amazeballs.

There’s more: they had a display of the Dave Murray t-shirts in another corner of the parking lot where you could answer trivia questions and win one of the t-shirts! Ryan Nussbacher won one, you can ask him about it… I think he may even have video evidence. They had a vending machine that they filled with Dave Murray Stella & Toronto postcards OR Goodlife passes4. They had a photobooth and button making station. I think the button making station was the biggest hit in terms of activities. I know I love my Reggy <3 Affan Imran button that we made5.

Since I cycled down I attempted to stay at a slow drinking pace and be responsible. I think I did well. Thanks to my ever awesome date, Affan. I chugged a Vitamin Water when I first got to the bar and then we grabbed some yummy Légères. What I love the most about the planning of the night: there was an excellent flow when trying to move through all the activities. I never felt like I had to make an effort to “walk all the way across the party6” to get to something I wanted to do.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by the dude who interviewed me whose name I failed to ask for. He asked me some lovely questions and I wasn’t nervous like I normally would have been when a camera’s record button turns on. My night continued on for a little bit longer after the Block Party dispersed after the pumpkin hour but the well organized, well decorated Block Party was an absolute favourite this summer. Thanks guys!

My question to you is: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “Block Party”?

Photo courtesy of my favourite geek-celebrity-sweetheart Lauren O’Nizzle.

  1. I gave away my 2nd poutine[]
  2. okay minus the houses where people lived, but still[]
  3. vanilla, chocolate or swirl[]
  4. again won by answering trivia questions[]
  5. you better keep that thing, Affan[]
  6. because heavens to betsy I have to walk somewhere?!![]

Just another reason to love Stella

Good ol’ Stella. I have been following along with them more closely since La Societe was on everyone’s beaks1 last year and after they threw the super awesome, super secret Underground party in the old Bay Subway station and I thought I was completely sold.

But their latest campaign that got people talking about how their Street Teams were giving away complimentary samples of their beer just made me love them even more… add to that how amazing anyone on the Stella Street Team2 and they’ve found themselves a fan for life in me.

And you know what happens when you love a brand right? They love you right back and I have some lovin’ to give right back to you, my darling readers, by way of TWO lovely Stella Artois Legere t-shirts designed by Toronto artist Dave Murray. You can see what it looks like in the pictures below… once the winner is picked, we’ll talk sizing.

Oh but that’s not all – I’ve ALSO got two pairs of passes to the Block Party on August 13th that I am sure will be super awesome3. Side note: I’m going on the assumption here that you know that #downtown won the race for hosting this block party and my id and I would like to think that I had something to do with it but my ego knows better.

TO QUALIFY we must be friends on facebook so add me up. Please include a message to tell me that you’re a reader of my blog and that you want to add me to enter the contest4. After you’ve done that, you’ll want to give the ol’ thumbs up to Stella Artois Legere’s Facebook page. because I will be checking and I’m sorry to say but you can’t win if you haven’t given ‘er.

After that? I’m afraid you’ll just have to watch my news feed on Facebook to see how you can actually win these things. What, and you thought this was going to be easy? Clearly you don’t know me at all5.


I’m going to leave you with some details about the block party:
DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2011
TIME: 8pm-midnight
LOCATION: 525 King Street West (West side of Starbucks, South side of King street)

(The party will be for 600 people, entrance is subject to capacity. Now, anyone of legal drinking age or older can RSVP to get on the guest list – all you have to do is go to Stella Artois Legere’s Facebook page. If you’ve already RSVP’d, no need to enter6 but feel free to anyway).

  1. so you know, on twitter[]
  2. the light taste of the beer helps too[]
  3. if I’m going to base my expectations on the secret subway party and the awesomeness of that event[]
  4. I’d explain why but I’m sure you understand[]
  5. I don’t blame you, I’m pretty introverted[]
  6. or even add me to Facebook right?[]

But I am still fragile

Someone asked me recently whether I would consider changing my name from fragileheart, because he thought I was a pretty strong person. I argued that I could never do that because I am so fond of and attached to the name that I enjoy it when people call me fragile instead of my real name1.

My heart has been through a lot; I have put my heart through a lot. It’s a risk you take by wearing your heart on your sleeve and refusing to fall in love in any other fashion other than all-the-way. I have had a lot of amazing relationships and experiences because of it and I wouldn’t change a single thing. You would think that with all this ‘experience’ that my heart would no longer be fragile but the truth is, it is.

It isn’t fragile because I’m afraid to show my feelings, it isn’t fragile because I’m afraid to let it break. It’s fragile because I don’t think I have anything to offer when I’m in a relationship. I don’t know why. I have never tried to figure it out. I’ve been too busy jumping from one relationship to the next. Maybe it’s about time I start. Maybe then I can stop jerking people around, and actually give the next relationship a shot.

It’s been hard to write here in the last little while because this blog is tied to twitter and I have been immersed into the Toronto twitter community and some people might get hurt by what I want to write about. It sucks but such is life. At least nowadays I know that people read the blog. Seven years ago I was oblivious2 and I hurt people by writing about what I wanted to write about and ended up having to shut down the blog to appease my then boyfriend.

It’s sacrifices like that that make me wonder whether I am too nice or I’m too nice because I don’t think I have anything to offer. I wish there were more time in a day to therapeutically go through all the thoughts that enter my head. I have so much work to do in a lot of aspects of my life. I’ve always had a lot of fight in me but every now and then, I want to quit before I even get into the ring3.

But for now, I’m going to have to mend this slightly bruised fragile heart of mine and I plan to do with a lot of dancing and physical activity4. Who’s in?

  1. though I wouldn’t want people to only call me fragile either[]
  2. I didn’t promote the blog[]
  3. by quit I mean take a nap, you know, nothing permanent[]
  4. that does not include sex[]