The cold weather isn’t the only thing that’s bitter

It’s beginning to dawn on me that I really, honestly prefer living in Dublin to living in Toronto. And it’s not just because of Peter. Torontonians seem to get more and more bitter everyday, and it’s wearing down on the patience I realised in Dublin. I’m still trying my hardest not to let it get to me. But I find myself playing down at their level sometimes. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I notice the difference more when I’m shopping… whether it be for groceries, or clothing, or even just a cup of coffee.

Torontonians seem to be impatient, selfish, eager to be on the offensive and sometimes just down right rude. The Irish are always patient, considerate, friendly and just plain polite. Being out in public is only an unpleasant experience when you’re stuck in traffic, but only because you’re stuck in traffic – not because people will rudely cut you off and flip you the bird as they do it.

I thought that us Canadians are supposed to be nice, friendly people… what is happening to Toronto?

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  1. lol Michael, are they cranky people?

    Beeker, you’re so right… I’m sure I’m not giving it the proper chance… at least I have a little something to look forward to since we’ve just sprung forward – maybe people will lighten up a little when the weather starts to warm up. IF it ever does!

  2. Reg, I moved from Texas to New Jersey. There is a huge difference in the people. I think Peri hit it on the head….it is winter and people have been confined and subject to the cold. I am trying to find positive attributes for the people here in NJ…I think when your heart is in another place, this is hard to do.

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  3. Peri (can I call you Peri? As I’ve previously established somewhere on this blog – I’m syllable lazy), I hear ya. I suppose I could do the same and move away from Toronto… but I’d really much rather move so far away that I end up in Dublin! hehehe

  4. I just came back in from snowblowing a ton of snow off my driveway.

    I can honestly say that this time of the year is the time when you’ll find people at their grumpiest. You are living in Toronto, however, and people have become grumpier there over the years.

    Toronto back in the 80’s was fun, polite, and clean. Fast forward to today and much of that has changed. People have no time or respect for others and unfortunately you end up behaving the same way just to get around. Dog eat Dog.

    It’s the reason my wife and I ended up moving away from there and out into the middle of nowhere–where dogs really do eat dogs. Naw, just kidding.

    It’s also the reason I moved my practice away from the city. If people are generally nicer, I’ve eliminated one huge stress from my work.

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