The gift

The hotel itself was only a two storey building, I could see how it earned its four star rating even though it looked and felt like a large B&B1. Before checking in, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and do a little sightseeing so we headed down to Powerscourt and admired The Waterfall and took a walk in The Gardens. While the waterfall was no Niagara Falls, it was still quite beautiful and I wish there hadn’t been so many people there so we could have taken more photos together.

After checking into the hotel, we kept ourselves busy for a little2 while then started getting ready for dinner. He had booked us into the hotel restaurant for dinner that night. Getting ready to go out with him reminded me of living with him, and of how I can’t wait to do so again. We got all dressed up and walked downstairs to eat like a King & Queen. After dinner, we had some drinks downstairs and talked… I love talking to him. My horrible memory prevents me from remembering what exactly it was that we talked about, not that it matters anyway.

The next day consisted of a great day of breakfast, massages3, more swimming & hot tubbing, dinner at an Italian restaurant in the neighbouring town and an early bedtime. The next day we checked out of paradise and headed into Dublin City Centre to undo all the relaxation we had spent the last two days achieving ((shopping)). That night, his Mum was preparing a big family dinner so we quickly ran out of time at the shops so we planned go back another day.

His family is so wonderful and I’m so happy that his Dad has finally warmed up to me. So much so that he usually makes jokes teasing me about one thing or another, and I take that to mean something really special when it comes from a man who still insists on shaking my hand when he greets me after I just arrived in from Toronto. One of the things I look forward to the most when I’m visiting Dublin are the delicious meals that his Mum cooks. I know everyone says that their Mum is the best cook, but he doesn’t even have to lie! She’s an amazing cook and she spoils me so much when I’m over there. 3 course meals for ever dinner that I’m there for; is it any wonder I gained weight while I was living in Dublin?

After dessert, when our bellies were full of glorious food & wine, she mentioned to me that she was going to miss him so much when he moves over here. And I could see it in her eyes that the words she used were an understatement of how much she was going to miss him. I insisted that she come to visit as soon as they can, and that we would certainly try our best to come back and visit.

Soon after we headed out to the Yellow House4 to meet up with a few friends for some more drinks which ended the night quite perfectly for me. We walked home together afterwards, talking about anything and everything that came to mind… it was wonderful.

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  1. which is a wonderful thing[]
  2. we went swimming in the hotel’s indoor pool, you perverts[]
  3. an hour & a half hot stone massage for me and a one hour Swedish massage for him[]
  4. oh, how I missed that pub[]
  5. you are here[]

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  1. Great posts Reg, I’m glad you had a great time. That hotel sounds amazing! What a memorable Christmas, and I love Ken’s comment too – makes me feel all warm and nice 🙂

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

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  6. you have no idea how much these posts connect with me. Partly because you are describing wonderful times in my country and (to some extent at least) with my people.

    Partly too because, I quietly wished you the holiday here that you deserved and it sounds like you got it.

    *So* pleased. 🙂

    Ken Armstrongs latest..On Being Hypnotised

    1. Ken, I’m so happy you’re pleased with these posts. I have to admit, they’re slightly inspired by you. I don’t write many posts that tell a story… but I thought I would give them a try. 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I’m blushing too that you were secretly hoping for me to have one of the best holidays of my life. {{{hugs}}}

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