The life of a judge on Mr. Entrecard

*disclaimer: Most of what you are about to read is true, some of it is a lie. Distinguishes have been made by way of footnotes.

When Debbie first asked for volunteers to be judges on the contest; everyone told me there would be no glory in becoming a judge for Mr. Entrecard but I think I they were wrong1. The Mr. Entrecard competition showed me things. Some of these things were exciting, some were unbearable but all of these things taught me some valuable lessons.

The most important of all is that everyone is beautiful inside, everyone is funny, everyone is smart and everyone is sweet if you only gave them a chance. The problem is that some people tend to judge you as well and decide which ‘side’ of them self they want to show you. It becomes difficult to allow them to show their other side as well and you’re both stuck in the cycle of being mean to each other. But I know better now.

The second lesson is that sometimes some people really are, just who they say they are and it’s obvious whether you’re reading their words anonymously or talking to them face to face2. And I’m grateful for those people because they make the Entrecard forums such a pleasant place to be in.

The last lesson I will divulge is that I’m not very smart; in that my memory really sucks, and my reading ability is extremely selective. Our wonderful founder Debbie had asked for prizes, and I missed it. She had also asked for people to put in suggestions for questions and I missed it. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I do know I need to get my eyes checked again soon. But anyway, I hope I’m not stepping on any toes but even though I didn’t offer up any prizes I’m linking the winner on my blog as well3.

Naturally, I can’t talk about a contest and not tell you who the winners were… so without further ado:

Acadia, the male half of the brilliant duo over at Superficial Gallery

Ken Armstrong, Irish Playwright/Author and Aldon of Orient Lodge4!

Congratulations to the winners! Everyone that participated was amazing for being the great sports for answering the questions so honestly5.

  1. this is a complete fabrication, no one said this it has been added for ‘effect’ of the story[]
  2. so to speak, more like byte to byte I guess[]
  3. a link in my blogroll actually[]
  4. and his own tiara[]
  5. because even if you didn’t take it seriously, you never once made fun of the people asking the questions and for that I applaud you![]

responses to “The life of a judge on Mr. Entrecard” 7

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  2. @trench: LOL That’s Acadia’s face photoshopped onto a girl’s body and with a black T covering most of his face! LOL he doesn’t like to show himself on the ineterwebs.

  3. @Ken: LOL thanks Ken, I just try my best. That’s all anyone can ask of me, right? Hehe Yeah, I googled you and found a few other pictures but figured that this might be the most fitting for the ‘winner’ photo. You still look so young!!

    @Beamer: LOL I liked that very much – sorry I didn’t comment though, I wasn’t sure what to say other than ‘LOL’. I’m sure Graham will parade him around soon enough!

    @Carol: LOL Don’t leave me hanging! You’ve got to tell me what your experience was like!!

  4. Seriously?

    See, my take on the whole thing is a lot different from yours. Except for the part where we missed them asking for question suggestions. I totally missed that part.

  5. We all know you are brilliant so you can deny it all you want. 🙂

    Hey, you found one of my favorite pictures of… me and my eldest son. 🙂 He’s twelve now and doesn’t do ‘beads’ anymore.


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