The nerve of some people!

All year, I was working on a publication with five other individuals, where I did end up doing most of the work but I can still say that I couldn’t have done without most of them. But the one person I could definitely have done without is our printer contact.

First, he called me unorganized behind my back. HAH that’s like calling Monica (Friends) unorganized. Okay, maybe I’m not that bad… but he was not justified.

Second, he claimed that I didn’t respond to his emails or answer his questions in appropriate time. HAH again. On many occasions, several of my committee members experienced difficulty in contacting him regardless of mode of communication!!

Third, fourth, fifth… millionth… after having told us via email that he was still missing 90% of the content for the publication, we called a meeting to clarify what information he was missing. Well, the information he was missing was there, he just didn’t know how to follow instructions. I’ve had to upload all our content on our website due to size restrictions of CDs (and the high costs of DVDs), a folder to which I gave him the address to and directed that I would be uploading all content on there. The files were sitting there for almost a month and a half before the email where he claimed that he was missing 90% of the content.

BUT… most recently (and I’m only focusing on this because he’s committed so many asshole-isms that it’s not even worth mentioning all of them), he’s really got my blood boiling:

> Thanks for the note Bill. As I mentioned in previous emails, it takes
> 2 weeks to print, and 50 hours to assemble the document. YOU also
> need to proof the document.
> So, If I received a PO on May 26th, 50 hours divided by 8 hours a
> day = 6.25 business days = June 6th. Proof usually needs 2 days. I get
> the OK by June 9th. 2 Weeks printing = June 12 throughout to June
> 26th. Delivery June 27/28th.
> I still don’t have a / Table of Contents Page / Credits page /
> Quantity / Binding Method / Advertisements / PUB Night Photos &
> Write-up.
> The proofer NEEDS to proofread all text. There are many grammar and
> spelling mistakes.
> On a side note, would it be acceptable that I print some books
> digitally? I may be able to have a few copies for the 15th, but
> again there is not any guarantee. I can’t print unless you signoff on the
> proof.
> Advise ASAP. Bill, I’ve cleaned out my mailbox, there should be no
> more messages. As always, the missing attachment is my logo at the
> footer of my email message. I appreciate all you’ve done Bill. It
> seems that the lack of effort on Regina’s part to follow though
> with the major tasks (i.e. PO and Advertisements, PUB Images, text) has
> led to this extreme delay. To put it frankly, I’m now having to
> work my ass off to make her look good. This has left me quite sour.

That last paragraph really boils my blood. The NERVE of this guy. It makes me so angry… I haven’t been this angry in a very long time. I’m so angry that I want to hurt him. I’m imagining lots of blood… maybe some broken bones. Of course he is out right lying, so much so that I could definitely sue for defamation of character – if I were American of course ;P

The only thing holding me back from doing something so completely rash, is the fact that I know that my Professor, to whom he has addressed this email to knows the truth: that I am definitely not the one to blame for the delayS with printing.

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  3. Oh wow, I sure to know a little something about group projects and working with lame people. It’s a shame, a damn shame.

  4. I cant stand working with other people on projects. I depend on myself. Did this publication have to involve the others?

    Unfortunately yes, it would have been too much for one person to take on during the school year – and what’s even more unfortunate is that the printer is someone that we absolutely HAVE to involve since we wouldn’t have the books if they weren’t, you know?

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