The New Year

New Year’s eve arrived way too quickly for my liking as I hadn’t seen anyone that I had planned on seeing during my visit. Also, the evening didn’t seem to hold the same excitement as it had in the past, but I was hopeful it would turn around. In previous years, a group of about 30 or so would travel to another part of Ireland, rent holiday homes and celebrate New Year’s in a big way – together. This year, the groups’ couples were split doing various things and it felt strange. Of course in the end none of that mattered, I was just glad to be celebrating yet another New Year’s with him. The blur that was that night leads me to believe that my hope wasn’t wasted and that the evening did turn around. I also like to think that further proof of this was the hangover I was nursing the next day… *smirk*

While we may have wasted the 1st of January sitting around watching TV1 and looking at apartments in Toronto that we may or may not be able to live in, I think we made up for it the next day. We got up early2 and headed back to the shops. We did better that the last time but still managed to run out of time so we planned to go back in another day3 After a quick dinner back at his parents’ house, we headed off to the Leinster match against Connacht. Oh, how I miss Rugby. Sitting in the cold, freezing your buns off, yelling at the top of your lungs and trying to keep an eye on the ball while its under a pile of large men. All the while knowing that something great could be about to happen right in front of your eyes.

The next night was another exciting one for me, we had planned to have dinner with two other couples who consist of some very dear friends. One especially is someone I have mentioned before, and someone I hope to call my bestfriend. In fact one of my resolutions is to try and call her at least twice a month so we can chat on the phone and catch up properly. The evening started off a big rocky as I took too long to get ready and we had our only fight of the entire holiday, but it quickly dissolved as we had great conversation with our dear friends over drinks before dinner. The dinner was delicious and extremely affordable4 and to end my evening off well, we all shared a delicious vanilla orange crème brûlée as we enjoyed or espresso based beverages.

Another short walk and we were in one of our favourite haunts, Rush5, and for the first time it was practically empty. The end of the night came too quickly, but I just assured myself I would be back again soon. Of course, I was drunk and gullible so I believed myself quite easily and hopped into the taxi he hailed for us.

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  1. actually, I packed most of things back into my suitcases that day[]
  2. he will fight me on this because it was later than he wanted to get up hehe[]
  3. or was that my plan all along?[]
  4. considering Dublin’s extraordinarily high prices[]
  5. the nightclub, not the town[]
  6. you are here[]

responses to “The New Year” 9

  1. It really sounds like a magical trip, and you know what I spent so much time around new year watching TV but it didn’t feel wasted when we could do it together 🙂 I’m also so excited to hear you should be moving in together, I didn’t realise before so am very happy for you!!

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

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  5. @Web-Betty: Thanks for reading, you don’t have much longer to wait for part 4! 🙂

    @Makoy: You’re welcome – anytime!

    @Ken: hehe soon!!

    @Michael: Awh, I’m sorry!

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