The perfect solution to… me!

I’m clumsy. Mostly because I just can’t seem to do things slowly. It drives me nuts when people take too long to do something that should only take 2 seconds. Like picking up a spoon, or my iPod, or my Phone. So naturally, when I saw Michael’s post, a while ago, about xInvisible Shieldx I had to visit the site. And naturally, I had to buy some! So I bought some for Katie (my 2nd gen iPod Nano), Tessa (my mobile, a Motorolla V360), Tori (my camera, Canon Powershot SD600), and my brand spanking new Nintendo DS (she doesn’t have a name yet).

I’ve had my Invisible Shield’s for my girls for between 1-2 weeks now, and I’m not sure how happy I am with the appearance of the ‘full body coverage’ that I’ve purchased for Katie1, and my Nintendo DS Lite. Then again it could just be that I was so hasty in trying to apply the shield that I didn’t do it properly. It is a little tricky, so I wouldn’t suggest this purchase to anyone that doesn’t have patience.

Free LCD screen cover for Canon Powershot SD30
Though I did pick the wrong item for the Canon, and I had to re-order it. If someone has a Canon Powershot SD30 and would like an invisible shield, just let me know and I’ll mail it out to you. I’m not even going to make you pay for S&H, but I will ask that you bear with how long it takes because I will be sending it by regular snail mail.

  1. my iPod Nano[]

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  1. Jillian – ouch, how did you forget flour? We you CUI (cooking under the influence)? hahaha I wish I was there for that though. I’m sure it was hilarious!!

    Monique – I love my toys… they’re my babies so I have to give them names! hehe you mean to tell me you don’t? ;P

    Michael – hahahaha you’re not going to stop with that are you? 😛

    Pit – I think it’s only fair if you’re going to call them names when they don’t work, you should call them names when they do work as well. You know, give them encouragement and all that jazz. And these skins are so afforable, how can you NOT get one??

    Beeker – I didn’t need to name my first car – Sundance – because it had such a nice name already, even if it was a piece of shit that reeked of gasoline. My car now, Sienna, is so much hotter and such a breath of fresh air compared to Sundance. And besides, I’m much better at picking names than my boyfriend is… his car’s name? Betty. Can you say floral prints and white knee high socks with loafers?

    Haha “I make falling down stairs seem like a normal everyday activity.” Are you sure we didn’t know each other when we were younger… I may not fall down stairs as much but I sure do walk into walls an awful lot… not full on, just with my shoulder or my hip or my toe. lol

  2. I name my vehicles. My first car was Egg. The second was Snow. My current vehicle is named Red. My husband buys those protective covers for my electronics because I make falling down stairs seem like a normal everyday activity.

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  3. I sometimes call my electronics names- usually when they don’t work or the Tivo clips the end of that show I was watching. Maybe they’d be more cooperative if it was something more pleasant, lol… Seriously though, there’s something physically painful about watching that expensive ipod fall and bounce, a skin isn’t a bad idea!

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  4. ROFL @ JIllian.

    I’ve often been accused of not having any patience, but I do – sometimes.

    I think it’s so cute that you have given your electronics names. lol.

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