There has to be another way…

So they’ve invented this new umbrella, and have called it Nubrella. And I say, there has to be another way to get the ultimate coverage from rain without looking like something out of a Science Fiction production.

I mean seriously? Visit their website, and take a look at how silly the people wearing them look. And at how HUGE the product is when folded up! I mean, I don’t know about you but I like my umbrellas small enough to fit into my tiniest hand bag. Why, oh why, on earth would I give them up for this? And for $59.99 plus shipping and handling?

While I’m all for discovering better ways to protect us from the elements, I’m simply not convinced that looking like ‘bubble’ people is the answer.

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  1. Noelevz, I suppose if I wanted to go shopping it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have this during a bad storm. That way you can carry all your bags and not get soaked… but still, I really don’t know.

  2. Yevka where are you?

    Chris, you’re crazy!! hehe would you like a spacesuit with that nubrella? lol

    Agreed Ate Mae!! Raincoats are much better!

  3. Even I think it’s cool. What I don’t like is the fact that you would already be soaked by the time you open it up!

    I think I’d rather have the raincoat from Pinas! We used it at World Youth Day! It was FANTASTIC! It was like dancing in the rain but never getting wet!!! SUPERB!

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