There is such a thing as too much snow

Snow on my windshield It was my first weekend off since I started work, and of course we got hit by another big snow storm. Not that I had any huge plans, but I was hoping to at least get out of the house. Then again, I probably would’ve ended up shopping anyway. And lord knows, I don’t need to spend anymore money. Actually, I was hoping to help my dad shovel the snow today… well, I was at least hoping to help him with snowblowing the snow. But last night, when I tried to change the time on my phone I accidentally changed it to 10:00 instead of 22:00. *wrinkles nose*

Can't see outside my window So instead of getting up at 08:30 today and going to the free yoga class hosted by xlululemonx… I woke up at 10:30. I hate when I end up wasting time sleeping too much on my last day off. Anyway, my Dad was pretty much done blowing by the time I was ready to get out there. I want to try and get out there and experience the snow so that I don’t hate it so much. I would go skiing or ice skating or something more fun, but I still can’t be sure I can wear boots and exert pressure on my leg. Sure, It’s healed but the skin hasn’t completely grown back on the tiny little wound where the blister was and if I go too hard on it, it might just open up the wound.

My backyard Anyway, I just wanted to post my pictures of my recent adventures in the snow. I had gone out to get some ingredients to make Tacos for the family, and I got caught out in some pretty difficult driving conditions. I swear my camera was on the right setting… but all my pictures still came out blurry because the snow was just blowing around so much!

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  1. I have not experienced snow… so seeing this in pictures, I find it beautiful… I might change my mind once I experience Canadian winter! hehehe.

    Maeyo’s last blog naturelle?

  2. Jillian, you’d think that after 10 years here I’d get used to it but no… it’s like once summer hits I forget that it ever snowed! Now rain – I love!! hehe I can do anything in the rain as long as I have my brolly and my boots! ;D

    Michael, shadap 😛 stop making me jealous!

    Ate Mae, it’s only because I take such good pictures… hahaha just kidding!!

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