There’s no better feeling…

…than knowing there are people out there who love you. No matter how much time has past, no matter how far away you may be, no matter what fights you may have gotten into before. I posted a small post on Multiply to some of my long time friends stating that I was feeling a little lonely in Ireland since I’m working so much… and I included my cell phone number in the post1 and they immediately contacted me. I’ve never felt so loved!

Well, I have… but I haven’t felt that loved in a long time. Makes me kinda wish I HAD gone to Dubai instead of coming here… but then I’d probably never go to work because I’d just party with my friends all the time… haha. I don’t think that they all read this site, but to those that do… I just want to say thanks and I love you too from the deepest part of my heart.

  1. sorry, it can only be seen by those very close people :D[]

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  1. Stop working so hard! Enjoy your time here, so you don’t have to look back at it in years to come thinking “Hmm, all I did was work”.

    I’ve always been an advocate of not working too hard or for too long. Take the lazy way out!

  2. April: Yes I know 😉 even though you didn’t necessarily call me. You’re included in that group of people that make me feel loved 😀

    Greggy: I know 🙂 you always make me feel special.

    JR: I think you should at least text me 😛 haha j/k

  3. Reggy you know how I feel about you… You’ll always be my angel with the long dark hair streaming in the wind – riding white stallions through white snow drifts.

  4. That is so wonderful when you know people love the hell out of you. (((hugs))) I got mad luv-4-u-2 girl!!

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