This is better than nothing

Update: Ah fixed it! And I didn’t bother anyone for help. I’m so proud of mahself. Don’t ask me how, but my .htaacess file was blank. White as snow. Bah humbug. I’m too tired to write a new post. And I’m going to dinner with friends tomorrow night. So yeah… bye!

Somehow, while trying to change permissions so I could edit within my dashboard I broke my theme. I finally got it so it would show something. But its too late for me to stay up and fix up my sidebar so that all the things that should be there are up so…

Entrecarders: Please don’t fret, it will be back up again shortly.
CMF Ads: This is going to go up as soon as I get EC back up as well.

That’s all for now. I need sleep.

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  1. ^ I have no idea why Akismet ate my post either. Wasn’t doing anything different from usual; and same location as always. Weeeird. Blog revenge, maybe? Cuz mine ate your comment not that long ago too? Spooky…

    New theme for the new year? Or can we expect to see it sooner? Exciting!

    Jacks latest..Narrowing down Nests | That City

  2. @Jack: Akismet must’ve been hungry because it ate your comment – even though yo’ve commented on my blog plenty of times! Were you at a different IP? Anyway, yes it was very frustrating though seeing the default theme made me want a new theme… so I’m shopping!

    @Beeker: Speaking of not being able to leave a comment – I can’t leave a comment on your blog! It keeps saying invalid author!! And thanks! 🙂

    @Michael: Soooo glad to be back (ish, new blog post coming soon I promise)

  3. How frustrating for you. : But glad you managed to fix it. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw that default wordpress theme pop up. You really do get used to a “feeling” the design of someone’s site has for the person writing on it. That blue default was sooooo not you. 🙂 Good to see everything back to normal!

    Jacks latest..Narrowing down Nests | That City

  4. @Haley: Awh you’re very sweet. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad to be back.

    @’te Maeyo: Thanks! It was driving me crazy!

    @Mike: Desperate is right! Oh how I love the Irish; thanks 🙂

    @Debbie: You guys were all so awesome rooting me on 🙂 thank you!

    @Ken: What a sweet thing to say, thanks babe! (Even if I’m not sure the world ‘needs’ it) hehe

    @Lyndi: Thanks, I tell ya… I was poised to email you so often but I insisted to figure it out on my own.

    @AmeriGlide: Thanks 🙂 great to see you here.

    @B: Thanks, its great to be back!

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