This weekend: lessons learnt

This weekend I discovered many things about life in Toronto. The firsIt is that it is possible to go out for drinks on a Thursday night despite having a ‘day job’. Though it isn’t something I would want to do every week since it makes for really long Fridays – at least when I did it in Dublin, time flew by!

The second is that I am capable of taking the subway downtown and not want to shoot myself because of boredom. At least when I remember to bring my iPOD with me. Also, taking the subway during the weekend is nothing compared to during the week… I have yet to try that out this week, I’m not loving having to pay $12 for parking every day any more.

Next, I discovered that I am capable of taking the streetcar home on my own and finding at taxi right away. I used to think that living out in the ‘burbs meant that I either had to stay at a friend’s house after a night out on the town… since the subway stops running before the bars close. But you see, the street car still runs… and if it weren’t for the frequency of my need to go to the loo, I probably could’ve walked up to grab the College streetcar.

Lastly, I learnt that I was really silly before in thinking that I didn’t have freinds or that I wasn’t liked… I got a pang of this feeling while I was waiting in line at Grace O’Malley’s for a Don*’s birthday but thanks to the liquid courage I had been drinking all night I managed to shtick it out. Turns out, he was so excited to see me I’m still hearing a ringing in my right ear. Anyway, those are some of the lessons I learnt this weekend… I can’t wait to see what May Two Four (Victoria Day) weekend has in store for me!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Michael – My visa hasn’t come through yet so I can’t go back there to work.

    Rudy – VP & Finch is definitely burbs… I’d consider the burbs to be anywhere that’s over an hour walk from the downtown core (so the Eaton Centre) or anywhere that’s maybe more than 20 minute away from the Harbourfront (regular roads, not highways)…. the TTC is great when you don’t have to rub up on smelly people. But I know I missed it when I was in Dublin.

  2. Reggy, what do you consider “the burbs” in Toronto? I lived in North York (Finch and Victoria Park) and that was plenty far from downtown. I take the bus/subway/street-car all the time. Sometimes I took it after midnight, although very rarely.

    Public transport in LA is pretty bad. The train system only goes to the ‘hood (where you see the houses have barb wires and steel bars on their windows). Good luck taking the bus. Traffic is terrible. Where I am in Orange County, the buses don’t go anywhere and it doesn’t run that frequently.

    I miss the TTC.

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  3. You always talked about gong back to Ireland, so I guess I got confused.

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  4. Michael – leaving where soon? The day job? Yes, it’s only a two week temporary gig. The country? Yes, but I’m only going on a 3 week holiday and will be looking for another day job again after that so I’ll still want to figure out something regarding parking.

    Jillian – I can’t really base my opinion on anything about LA except for the 3 weeks I was there in 2001. I had to get the bus everywhere but it seemed like an ok system to me? Then again, i didn’t exactly have appointments to keep or anything like that and I was with a friend who was my bestfriend during my 2 years of high school here in Canada. Sounds like you had a great weekend – free stuff is awesome!

  5. Ahh, I really wish Los Angeles had anything resembling decent public transportation. It f*cking sucks!!!! Bus run late and not often…. it’s very frsutrating. I mean, you NEED a car here.

    Anyways… always good to learn a positive lesson. Of course you’re liked!

    My weekend was great.. the in-laws took us shopping. Sure we felt like kids, but getting free stuff and spending time with the family is always fun.

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