Geez-us. I’m used to not having enough time to do everything that needs to be done… But this is getting ridiculous. I have group projects this semester, just like last semester. And it’s near impossible to find a time to meet. I’ve struggled with every group. Not to mention I had exactly one month yesterday to produce a publication that we haven’t even confirmed out printer for! G’ah! Fuck me sideways and call me Susan! I feel like I never went on vacation; I’m exactly where I left off… super stressed, broke and missing him like mad. (sigh)

It doesn’t help that my car is still a piece of shit that won’t even get me from A to B sometimes. My Dad says there’s something wrong with the fuel pump, so it stalls when it’s really really cold. But for some reason he can’t fix it, and he won’t send it to the shop. I have enough to worry about… I need a reliable vehicle. So now I have to take my brother’s car, and I’m probably going to be gone all day tomorrow!

I’ve been getting some poetry writing in recently… I must be pretty upset or atleast feel really strongly. I find I don’t write poetry unless I’m ultra ecstatic or ultra depressed. Unfortunately, they’re not happy poems this time around. I’ll be adding them to my portfolio…soon (maybe). Anyway, this NeoCitran is working really well… so I’m off to bed. Cheers!