I was a single child until I was 7. And even then my parents pretty much always let me have my way. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty spoiled. Thinking back on my past with relationships I’ve never been very patient. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been very patient with anything. And even now, from time to time I still lose my patience. The greatest lesson he ever taught me was to be patient. He taught me to calm down and even more important, the value of being able to calm down.

I used to think that my temper was just how I was and that I could never change. I’m glad I was wrong. Especially because this change is *hopefully* going to help me wait for him to think about things. Time has made it easier and it’s a good thing too.. because we have lots of it!

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  1. All it takes is the right person. Melissa was that person. I was the oldest child. Spoiled rotten too. Its good that your learning paitence. Its very important in any relationship. I”ve learned that over the years.

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