Last night’s jackpot was only $3,500,000

Looks like someone won the $32,000,000 that was meant to be mine last Saturday. *sigh*

I came back from holidays about 16 days ago and about 14 days ago found out that I wouldn’t have a job until July 11 like I originally thought I did. You see the company I was working for before I went on holidays had emailed me while I was in Dublin asking if I could come back for about 26 days and ofcourse I said yes. However, when I came into work on July 16 I found out that they only needed me for about 2 weeks. Panic! So I’ve been on a bit of a rampage trying to find a job that will last me a year. Or even 10 months.

I’ve been sending out so many resumes and cover letters I feel like it’s my new job. But I haven’t gotten a lot of responses back which is really disheartening. And what makes it worse is I can’t really go back to ‘the industry’ because of my wrist problem. *sigh* Can I just win Lotto 6/49 already?

Anyway, I’m off to New York… to spend the money I thought I was going to win. =P See you all in a couple of days!

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  1. I’m sure you’d be able to figure something out, Lauren. I hope you do get to win it one day. We should all win at least once in our lifetime!

  2. If I ever won that much money, I have no idea what in the world I would do with myself.

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  3. Haley – Thanks! I hope so =D

    Chris – I tried 🙁 I only got a blurry photo! They’ll be up soon!!

    Canucklehead – SHWEET!! I’m a honourary Canucklehead?! Yipee!! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to connect these dots – I saw it on your post but hadn’t seen this comment yet!

    Michael – Couldn’t we all?

    Billy – Uhm, thanks… no idea where those places are though!

  4. I (heart) NY! Anyway,I’ve given you an award – well, all of my favourite sites. I won’t take it personally if you decline, although I should mention that I suck at these sort of things and it took me WAY too long to make. As a ‘Honourary Canucklehead’ you are also able to pas it on, should you see fit. Anyway, you can pick it up here:


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  5. New York! I really wanted to ride the train up there from D.C. Take a photo in front of Times Square for me!

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