Trading Spaces with Paige Davis

It was the show that made me realise that I can make my room as wonderful as it is now, without having to wait for my Dad to do all the work. (It’s also the show that showed me the wonderful world of power tools). And though it’s not my ultimate favourite home makeover show anymore, it will always hold a special place in my heart. One of the biggest reason for that is because of Paige Davis. She has a lot of spunk, is firm and just plain entertaining to watch. She’s also immensely talented and sincere, you can’t help but like her. Plus, I had just been watching her for so long that she feels like an old friend.

I didn’t know this until I came back to Toronto, but about 3 years ago, TLC (The Learning Channel) made the decision to change the format of Trading Spaces to a ‘host-less’ one, which meant that Paige Davis was no longer a part of the wonderful team that was Trading Spaces. I’m glad I didn’t know about this before she returned to the show, because if I had I would have certainly boycotted TLC (yeah, that would’ve shown them). They did this in an attempt to revamp the show and compete with a lot of the other home makeover shows that TLC was running. Other changes they made meant that the show lost everything that made the show appealing in the first place.

But, they have seen the error of their ways and have brought her back and made changes to the show that made more sense. Actually, TLC is now under different management so I guess that statement should read: They have seen the error of their predecessor’s ways… RealityTV World interviewed Paige Davis about her return to the show here.

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  1. I too was a Trading Spaces fanatic and it inspired me, my sister, and my friend to do a complete makeover on our bedrooms. That was a fun summer! And for the past 3 years I stopped watching it b/c w/out Paige the show was kinda boring. I’m glad she’s back but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!

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