Trip down memory lane

Luckily, my memory lane is more like one giant resort. Dubai is luxurious to say the least. The arabs know their shit when it comes to ‘creating atmosphere’. I can’t quite comment on how being back here feels since I’ve only really been here a few days… and since it’s been so long I haven’t quite formed an opinion yet.

But I’ve got about 10 days left on my holiday, even though I had originally intended on spending only 5 days here. But as I realised how many places there was to go see and how many people I had to meet up with… and since I didn’t have an outbound ticket booked yet… I decided to stay longer.

I know I keep saying this… but I promise, photos are coming soon!

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  1. Hah! I wish these were days off… being unemployed while ‘on holidays’ is very un-nerving for me especially when I have to spend money hehe. Luckily, since I haven’t been here in so long my family are more than happy to buy me food and etc.

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