Visa’s in!

I got the call from the travel agency that I booked my work visa with today, saying that my final kit came in today. So I went down to pick it up. Now, I can book my two nights stay in the hostel and start calling and emailing around for accommodation.

I’m worried about accommodation a little bit. I mean I’ve only seen Lisa’s apartment and it was pretty small and not up to my standard of clean (think Monica from Friends). But I guess we’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Work Visa: what coutry are you going to?

    I’m going to Ireland! Dublin more specifically… 😀

  2. Im sure you’ll do fine. Keep us updated and take some pics of the place so we can see it!\

    Hopefully Trench – still down one digital camera… we’ll see if I get one before I leave though!

  3. As long as you have a place to stay, you should be all right. House politics will come no matter what you do.

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