We’re all weird & wonderful, but there can only be one winner

Aren’t contests fun? I think so. I enter a lot of contests, sometimes I get so excited about the prize that forget to check to see if I’m available for the event but I’m trying to do better1. I seem to win quite often; I’m so thankful for that2 and I’m even happier than I finally got my chance to share some of the excitement that are giveaway contests on the blog.

Oh shut up already, Reggy. Tell us who won!

Okay then. There were a lot of entries but as you all know, there is only one gift basket. Punchtab was a great tool to use for this giveaway. I didn’t have to download the data onto a spreadsheet and use random.org. All I had to do has hit one tiny little grey3 button…

Punchtab screenshot

Punchtab screenshot

And according to the above screenshot, the winner is Lauren Simmons!

Congratulations Lauren! You guys should tweet herĀ and maybe she’ll share her Crystal Light with you.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I hope that at the very least you had a little fun thinking about what makes you weird & wonderful. Stay hydrated, friends!

  1. all you can do is try, right?[]
  2. knock on proverbial wood[]
  3. it was actually purple but I left my mouse cursor on it when I took the screenshot… oops[]

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