“What a lovely evening for a Block Party” indeed!

Stella Artois Legere Block Party by Lauren O'Nizzle

(Quote in the title was a tweet I remembered but I couldn’t find the original tweet -my bad!)

It was a fun-filled evening and I’m so happy it all worked out. There was a moment where I thought I wouldn’t be able to make the Stella Artois Legere Block Party this past Saturday. My colleagues and I had been wanting to attend a TFC match (huge thank you again to Jon Sinden!) for some time but for one reason or another the cosmos made it so we were only able to attend the game against Real Salt Lake which just happened to be at the same time as the party!

Growing up in Dubai, I don’t feel like I was able to experience what a true block party would have been like and in my eyes they did well. Anyone who was around me that night can attest to the fact that I ate 3 ice cream cones and bought 2 poutines1! If that isn’t indulging like a kid I don’t know what is! I do kind of wish they had a pop-corn machine but I think my cholesterol levels are grateful that they didn’t.

I cycled down from BMO field in my yellow summer dress and couldn’t help but smile at what I could see from the street; they did a great job turning the parking lot at 529 King Street West into what I would have envisioned an old fashioned Block Party would have been like2. They had a TTC bus parked beside a fire truck in one corner of the parking lot. Awesome musical acts lie Tom Wrecks and 1 LOVE TO did their thing from the roof of said fire truck and made me want to climb up and join them.

Upon entering all attendees were given two drink tickets, a red ticket and a blue ticket. The red ticket was redeemable for a soft-serve ice cream cone3 OR a slushie from the Ice Cream truck. The blue ticket was redeemable for poutine or french fries from the food truck. Amazeballs.

There’s more: they had a display of the Dave Murray t-shirts in another corner of the parking lot where you could answer trivia questions and win one of the t-shirts! Ryan Nussbacher won one, you can ask him about it… I think he may even have video evidence. They had a vending machine that they filled with Dave Murray Stella & Toronto postcards OR Goodlife passes4. They had a photobooth and button making station. I think the button making station was the biggest hit in terms of activities. I know I love my Reggy <3 Affan Imran button that we made5.

Since I cycled down I attempted to stay at a slow drinking pace and be responsible. I think I did well. Thanks to my ever awesome date, Affan. I chugged a Vitamin Water when I first got to the bar and then we grabbed some yummy Légères. What I love the most about the planning of the night: there was an excellent flow when trying to move through all the activities. I never felt like I had to make an effort to “walk all the way across the party6” to get to something I wanted to do.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by the dude who interviewed me whose name I failed to ask for. He asked me some lovely questions and I wasn’t nervous like I normally would have been when a camera’s record button turns on. My night continued on for a little bit longer after the Block Party dispersed after the pumpkin hour but the well organized, well decorated Block Party was an absolute favourite this summer. Thanks guys!

My question to you is: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “Block Party”?

Photo courtesy of my favourite geek-celebrity-sweetheart Lauren O’Nizzle.

  1. I gave away my 2nd poutine[]
  2. okay minus the houses where people lived, but still[]
  3. vanilla, chocolate or swirl[]
  4. again won by answering trivia questions[]
  5. you better keep that thing, Affan[]
  6. because heavens to betsy I have to walk somewhere?!![]

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