When did that happen?

I think I’m going to cry. I just got a catch up email from someone who was one of my best girlfriends when I lived in Dubai. I miss my girl friends. I miss my little circle of girlfriends who I saw everyday, rang everyday and talked to about absolutely nothing but leaned my entire world on. I think for the most part I feel like crying because I’ve come to realize just what a self-centred brat I was and how self-centered I still am despite growing from that a little bit.

She was sweet enough to ask me about my family. She remembered my brother’s name… and I couldn’t remember her son’s name!? I knew she had a son, but for the life of me when I wrote her this morning I couldn’t remember his name. I feel like such an ass. I’m sure the stress from everything at school is just getting to me… but right now I just want to sit and cuddle in someone I trust’s arms. Oh but look… there’s no one here right now. I know I’m not alone. I just feel that way right now.

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  1. Awh thanks you guys… it makes me feel better. Sorry I haven’t been around… super busy at school 🙁 booooo!! I miss my internet!

  2. Im totally bad with recalling things. I never forget a face, but I’ve forgotten a great deal about fairly good friends of mine. Your not alone!

  3. It’s okay girl, I’m here for ya. It’s not much, but I am here for you. Don’t feel like an ass, you need to forgive yourself… hey, let me tell you a quick story.

    The first day I met Kris, after he asked me if I could be his girlfriend… I agreed, then believe it or not, the next time I saw him, I FORGOT HIS NAME.

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